5 Best Apps to Learn Japanese for Free in 2024

5 Best Apps to Learn Japanese for Free in 2024

Japanese actually can be one of the most challenging languages to learn for most English people and that’s because of the writing format which is very different with the unique grammar structure and, also because of the pronunciation of the words which may look hard and tricky as well. However, learning Japanese isn’t something impossible for any speaker. Now you may want to learn this language because you want to open up to the culture of this country by traveling, and meeting some Japanese people or you may be just a diligent person who is looking to get a new skill by learning this foreign language.

You can actually start learning the basic of this language by just using the internet and without needing to go to any education centers, we’ve made this guide provides you with the Best Apps to Learn Japanese for Free in 2024 that you can download on your smartphone and use its smart tools that will help you improve your level in this language in a pretty quick time.


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1. FluentU

japanese speaking practice app


The last app in this collection shows us how to learn a language by listening to and speaking it with proficiency and soundness. It provides us with a lot of videos throughout our educational schedules. Instead of watching these videos with a little attention and focus, the app will allow the user to interact with the videos and test them as they come to an end. By pushing the words into a phrase to learn their meanings, the app will review all their weird vocabulary, details, and other rules. It also brings us to see the vocabulary of the language in different ways, meaning that we are not learning the language in one direction but in many directions.


2. Bunpo

The best app to learn Japanese in 2023

The best app to learn Japanese in 2024.


An app that supports Japanese language lessons, from beginners to professionals, each one of which will bring a wide range of concepts, as well as some activities that will help us to learn the language well.

The app also tracks information we’ve obtained through the learning process, allows us to review it as needed, and some of the app’s features require us to renew our subscription, but all classes are free, so it’s a great way to learn the language, without worrying about our levels at the beginning of learning.


3. Busuu

japanese speaking practice app in 2023


Another app to support classes that teach users the details of the Japanese language. It has many classes from Level I through Level I and allows us to create personalized study plans, which we can stick to and help the app track our learning activity.

A unique feature of Busuu is that it helps learners use language, and that’s special chat, which keeps us in touch with language speakers to master it, and uses speakers to make use of it. With this new feature, it’s possible for a speaker to correct our writing perfectly, and with it, we can say that Busuu is an exceptional way to help us get the details of language and to reinforce its most important concepts.


4. Shirabe Jisho

Best offline Japanese learning app

Best offline Japanese learning app.

Having a dictionary in our hands is always the most important thing in learning a new language, and that’s why we can rely on Shirabe Jisho in this field, as it is one of the best dictionaries to translate Japanese words into English that concerns the iOS system, and if we have an unusual word, or if we want to know a strange word from our vocabulary, we just have to use this app.

In this dictionary, we can search for words in both English and Japanese, find synonyms and branching, as well as their usage and compatibility with the Kanji character, set.


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5. Obenkyo

the Best app to learn Japanese for travel

The best app to learn Japanese for travel.


With this app you can learn hiragana, katakana, or kanji. It also lets you test your abilities in multiple ways by drawing or choosing the right answer from among several options.

This app provides a list feature for kanji that can be viewed according to Japanese language proficiency test levels known as JLPT, helping the user prepare for the test. The app contains approximately 2,300 Kanji characters and includes all levels of Japanese proficiency testing. It also provides training in writing techniques for the hiragana, katakana, and kanji by typing on the touch screen, which helps preserve and makes the process easier and smoother. But this app is only available with an Android version.

Generally speaking, there are undoubtedly some other useful applications that have not been mentioned, but these applications are considered to be the most widely used among learners and users of the Japanese language in the world.

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