Best Free Apple Watch Apps 2024

Best Free Apple Watch Apps 2024

Apple is one of the top brands that produce smartwatches in fact, Apple watches are the best in the quality of design and performance as well. This year brings new apps for Apple watches. One of the most reasons that people choose to have a smartwatch on their wrists is the compatibility and the features that these devices can provide to them by using the apps. As with any other system, Apple watchOS receives many news apps, to help you keep up with the new updates we’ve made a list that contains “The Best Free Apple Watch Apps 2024” that can be very useful to you with your tasks.


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1. Fantastical Calendar

must-have Apple Watch apps

must-have Apple Watch apps.

If you have a wide range of Apple devices, from MacBooks to iPhones to Apple Watch, Fantastical 2 is your best calendar app. It has an application for each Apple product, and it’s built to support macOS only. Best of all, it seamlessly synchronizes everything between your devices, making it a powerful and useful calendar app for Apple lovers. You can quickly and easily organize meetings and events, and you can check to make sure your colleagues are available for a suggested meeting using Google or Exchange, making it a more powerful application than the default Apple calendar already on the hardware.

2. PCalc

The best Apple Watch apps for students

The best Apple Watch apps for students.

PCalc is the preferred option among calculators for many iPhone users. Of course, PCalc also has an Apple Watch, complete with all the features that made the iPhone popular and one of the most trusted apps. This feature-rich calculator can be used by engineers, students, or programmers. The application also has voice writing, which is useful for helping you calculate numbers and amounts without touching the screen. Accessibility features like these can save you time, especially if you’re using a variety of numbers and standards.



Best free Apple Watch app 2024

Best free Apple Watch app 2024.


Top Apple Smart Watch Application ListCarrot Fit comes in first and is a fitness and health application with only 7 minutes of exercise and intense workouts per day, but with a new addition, integrating user personality and training with Carrot AI features. You may wonder about the role of this clever quality and the merging of characters. The answer to your questions is simply that this is a hostile, violent robot that yells at you like a user and gives you nicknames for mocking your excess weight. It might even call you a ham bag, for example, to encourage you to complete your training and to lose weight, which would certainly reflect positively on your health.

If you want to lose or gain weight, Carrot Fit is built for that and is fully compatible with Apple’s smart clock. Apart from the carefully selected daily exercises for weight loss or gain, the app offers lots of voice tips and other additional tools like body mass index checking, weight tracking, step tracking, and more.


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4. Watch To 5K

Watch To 5K


This app helps you schedule your run exercises until you hit the 5-kilometer limit in 30 minutes. This app is different from all the running apps and special coaches in that you don’t need to hold your phone while running. And that’s because the app is designed to work right across the clock, so you can go out and run without your phone. The app provides you with a set of key data to track your running state, where you can see the distance you ran. In addition to knowing the calories you burn during the run, all the data is stored in Apple’s health app.


5. Overcast



Overcast is a popular Podcasts program hearing app and has a large subscriber base because it offers a wide range of features that make going to the app essential for Apple users. With the smart-hour app, you can hear favorite episodes and the app is available for free, but you can pay $9.9 per year to remove ads and get some extra features.


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6. Just Press Record

The best Apple Watch app 2024

The best Apple Watch app 2024.


This app is also the best program to register your iPhone and Apple Watch products. You can sign up from the hardest of laptops or Airpods. This device is automatically copied to over 30 languages. You can edit the text in an in-app joint-like tool to get your recordings right. All text is searchable in the application as well. Furthermore, the record will only be compressed. You can view any shape of your audio file that requires only space on your device.


7. Nike Run Club

The best Apple watch apps for productivity

The best Apple watch apps for productivity.

Nike Run Club is a special app for people who like to exercise regularly, such as walking or running. If you want an app that tells you how many kilos you walked today, it’s essential. It gives you a complete statistic of the distance you’ve traveled and many other things. What makes the app so special is that it’s running Apple Watch so efficiently.

The new version introduces the Audio Guided Runs feature, through which the user receives audio sports programs from some specialists, as well as some playlists ready to run during the run. The company also did not neglect the ability to synchronize the user’s music library. Additionally, Nike introduced the Cheers Encouragement feature, which allows friends to send voice or written messages to encourage running. The pre-app version features are available on the iPhone and are also available to third-generation Apple users with additional features such as a sports activity log that loads the last five user workouts as well as the Elevation level running, thanks to the new sensor provided by the company.


8. Headspace

The best Apple Watch apps free in 2024

The best Apple Watch apps free in 2024.


Headspace developers say it’s your guide to health and happiness. The app works in a simple way to reduce stress and get a better night’s rest. The app, launched in 2010, also teaches relaxation and concentration, with meditation sessions and mindfulness techniques that bring calm, wellness, and balance to life in just a few minutes daily. Plus, Sleep by Headspace helps you create the perfect conditions for a comfortable night.

Through the app, your mind can be trained with guided meditations on everything from stress management and anxiety, to better night comfort, while SOS sessions work to reduce moments of fear or anxiety and stress. It remains to be noted that Headspace is available to Android users through the Google Play Store, and is also available to iOS users through the Apple App Store.


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9. Shazam

Shazam - Apple Watch app


Shazam – The top 10 Apple Search Apps for Music On The Go is one of the most popular Music Search apps. Lets you find artists, lyrics, videos, and even playlists. Shazam is also working fast to find the name of any song you want. It’s a powerful music-recognition app that also works with Apple Watch and Android Wear. You can listen to Apple Music, Google Play Music, or Spotify playlists using Shazam, too.

It even allows you to add songs to playlists as needed. There are also options for watching music videos from Apple Music or YouTube. You can also get time-synchronized words in your app for the best singing experience. Shazam can be used with other media-playing apps like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and more. Allows you to share songs with your friends on social media too.


10. Streaks Workout

Streaks Workout


Streaks Workout provides a quick and easy way to get started anywhere. You can choose from 30 exercises without equipment. Start with Quick, ​and then head to exercise every day, hoping to work your way toward a pain experience. The app will show exercise animation, along with a countdown and heart rate. You’ll also get tips on how to improve your style and attitude.

Instead of heading to the gym, you can take advantage of this app at any time of the day on your Apple watch. There are so many different exercises to choose from, a video for each exercise, and tips to help improve your technique.

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