The best iPad to buy in 2024

The Best IPad To Buy In 2024

Having an iPad can be very helpful to you, it can be used for different tasks like taking notes, watching videos, playing games, and making calls… However, choosing the right iPad to fit your needs and budget can be difficult. To help you with your choice, we’ve made a list of “The best iPad to buy in 2024” considering many factors such as the price, performance, and design.

Besides that you are an Apple customer, many reasons make you choose an iPad instead of going to an Android tablet, one of the great advantages of an iPad is that you can run powerful apps effortlessly like Photoshop or Microsoft Office, also an iPad can be a solid alternative to a laptop and easier to handle.


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1. iPad Pro (2022)

The best Apple iPad to buy 2024

The best Apple iPad to buy 2024.


The latest iPad released by apple, if you don’t know what M1 and M2 are, then you probably won’t notice any difference between this module and the previous version.

The latest version of iPad Pro is certainly the best iPad for most people and not just for the modern looks it’s got a full screen and angled edges. The main feature of the iPad Air system is that it has the new Apple M2 chipset, not just as the iPad Pro family, but desktop systems like 24in iMac and Mac Mini, offering significant gains in both CPU and GPU partitioning making it ideal for content creators, students, and gamers who need laptop-level power on the go.



operating system iPadOS 16.1
CPU  Apple M2
RAM  16GB.
storage 256/128/512GB, 1TB
Display 12.9 inches, Liquid Retina, 120HZ, 2048 x 2732 pixels
Rear camera 12+10MP
front Camera 12MP
Battery Li-Po 10758 mAh, fast charge 18Wht
Price 1400$


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2. M1 iPad Pro 11

Best used iPad to buy 2024

Best used iPad to buy 2024.


Apple’s 11-inch” M1 iPad Pro is currently the most powerful tablet on the market, with the Mac-based M1 chipset surpassing almost every competitor in the benchmarks but also the most expensive option in our list. However, iPad OS limitations, including screen reflection rather than screen extension, mean it can’t take advantage of all the power that’s on display.



operating system  iPadOS 15.7, upgradable to iPadOS 16
CPU  Apple M1
RAM  16GB.
storage 256/512GB, 2TB
Display 11.0 inches, Liquid Retina, 120HZ, 1668 x 2388 pixels
Rear camera 12+10MP
front Camera 12MP
Battery Li-Po 7538 mAh (28.65 Wh)
Price 800$

3. Apple iPad Air (2022)

Apple iPad Air (2022) - best iPad 2024


We recommend this iPad Air for people interested in iPad Pro, but they may not need all its bells and whistles. The tablet has the same Apple M1 chipset, so it’s just as powerful – plus it has a similar design, battery life, and accessory compatibility.

The two main differences are that it doesn’t have a lot of storage and it has a smaller screen (and uses a different technology, although we’re not sure that most people will notice). When we test the hardware, we don’t mind these differences most of the time, and unless you’re a power user, Air may find a better device. This is especially the case for students. Because something like the same thing as the iPad Pro, but it costs less, people with a limited budget may find it ideal. Although there are many fewer devices in this list that are cheaper.



operating system  iPadOS 15.7, upgradable to iPadOS 16.1
CPU  Apple M1
storage 256/64GB
Display 10.9 inches, Liquid Retina, 1640 x 2360 pixels
Rear camera 12MP
front Camera 12MP
Battery  7600 mAh Li-Ion (28.6 Wh)
Price  550$


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4. iPad Gen 9 – The best budget iPad 2024

iPad Gen 9 - The best budget iPad 2024


The iPad Gen 9 we’ve listed here is the same tablet as the 10.2-inch model listed directly at the top of this guide. The main difference is screen size – iPad Pro 11 has a 10-inch screen, while iPad Pro 12.9 has … well, you might guess.

There are some indirect effects of this the battery of this tablet is a little smaller, although that doesn’t matter because the screen gets less charge. Another reduction is that he doesn’t get a small LED screen, and he sticks to the LCD instead – which is why he’s here, less on our list. in terms of chipset, shipping speed, and accessory compatibility, however, this is essentially the same device, and it would be great for people who need a strong list but don’t want to carry a huge model. And most importantly, it looks the same — so the designs and the business users here are not going to be disappointed. It’s slightly cheaper than 12.9 as well.



operating system iPadOS 15, up to iPadOS 15.7
CPU Apple A13 Bionic (7 nm+)
storage 256/64GB
Display 10.2 inches, Liquid Retina, 1620 x 2160 pixels
Rear camera 8MP
front Camera 12MP
Battery  Li-Ion, non-removable 8557 mAh (32.4 Wh)
Price  300$


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5. iPad Mini 6

The best iPad for students 2024

The best iPad for students 2024.

iPad mini 6 is a more specialized offer than other Apple tablets. That’s why you find the first mention of this scope so far in the list. On paper, the iPad mini is a smaller, lightweight alternative to other tablets, so if you want a device that you can easily put in your bag (or a large pocket), it’s good for you. We found it powerful, and we loved its modern design and its portability. But at a higher price than the Entry Tablet, and disappointing in many departments such as battery life and accessory compatibility, this is not the list to consider first when you’re looking for a new iPad. There’s a market for the iPad Mini, but we imagine it’s a more specific market than iPad Pro or Air.



operating system

 Apple A15 Bionic

storage 256/64GB
Display  8.3 inches, 2266 x 1488 pixels, 60Hz, Refresh rate
Rear camera 12MP
front Camera 12MP
Battery 5078 mAh, Li-Polymer, Not user replaceable
Price  499$



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