Best Photo Editing Apps for Android 2024

Unlock Creative Potential with Leading Android Photo Editors

We live in a fast-paced world where staying up-to-date with changes is synonymous with success. And with the digital photography industry booming, a competent photo editing app is a must-have. For Android users in 2024, the scope of choice varies immensely, if not as much as your average desktop software. Still, whether you’re a full-time photographer or a social media user tagging posts with Instagram, there’s an affordable brand capable of making your photos stand out. Leading through the best photo editing apps for Android in 2024, this article explores their features and main characteristics.


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Below is a summary table that captures the key features and details of the top photo editing apps for Android in 2024, as discussed in the article:

App Name Key Features User Experience Unique Selling Points
Adobe Photoshop Express Crop, adjust, filters, blemish removal Clean and intuitive interface Integration with Adobe Creative Cloud, personalized watermarks, collage creation
Snapseed Selective edit brushes, healing tool, filters Gesture-based controls, non-destructive editing Expand tool, precise editing capabilities
Lightroom for Android Advanced color grading, exposure adjustments, presets Seamless syncing across devices Cloud-based storage, supports presets, favored for professional photography
VSCO Film-like presets, advanced camera controls, video editing Artistic and community-focused Strong social media presence, film emulation, community for sharing and discovery
Canva Combines photo editing with graphic design, basic adjustments, filters, text addition User-friendly for non-designers Extensive templates and design elements, ideal for marketing and business content, supports video editing




Features and Tools: Adobe Photoshop Express is a streamlined version of its desktop counterpart, providing powerful tools like crop, straighten, rotate, and flip photos. Users can also access advanced adjustments like white balance, exposure, and saturation, making it ideal for quick fixes and detailed edits alike.

User Experience: Designed with a clean and intuitive interface, it suits both beginners and seasoned editors. The touch-friendly interface allows for easy navigation and operation.

Unique Selling Points: Photoshop Express includes features like blemish removal, adding personalized watermarks, and creating collages. Its integration with Adobe Creative Cloud offers added convenience for those already in the Adobe ecosystem.

2. Snapseed: Professional Quality Made Accessible


Comprehensive Editing Toolkit: Snapseed boasts a complete set of editing tools including selective edit brushes, a healing tool for removing objects, and a vast array of filters.

Interface and Workflow: With a gesture-based interface, Snapseed makes it easy to apply edits precisely. Its non-destructive editing ensures the original photo is always safe.

Exclusive Features: The app includes unique tools like the Expand tool, which increases the size of your canvas by intelligently filling in more space in your photos—a handy feature for social media posts.

3. Lightroom for Android: The Photographer’s Choice


Advanced Editing Controls: Lightroom offers extensive controls over parameters like exposure, shadows, highlights, and color profiles. It’s particularly favored for its color grading capabilities.

Syncing with Other Devices: Users can start editing on one device and continue on another, thanks to Adobe’s cloud-based storage.

Lightroom Presets: The app supports presets, which are a big time-saver for applying consistent looks across photos. Users can either create their own or import those crafted by others.

4. VSCO: For the Artistic Soul


Classic Film Emulation: VSCO is renowned for its film-like presets and advanced camera controls. Its strength lies in its ability to emulate analog film effects, adding a timeless quality to digital photos.

Community and Social Features: VSCO doubles as a platform for sharing and discovering new photography, making it a social media favorite.

Editing Tools Review: Apart from standard editing tools, VSCO supports video editing—a rare feature among photo apps.

5. Canva: More Than Photo Editing


Graphic Design Elements: Canva combines photo editing with graphic design tools, making it ideal for creating visually appealing content for social media, presentations, and more.

Photo Editing Capabilities: While not as detailed in photo manipulation as others, it includes essential tools like filters, text addition, and basic adjustments.

Ideal for Business and Marketing: With templates and design elements galore, Canva is particularly useful for marketers, bloggers, and businesses looking to create polished content quickly.

These apps highlight the versatility and range of options available to Android users in 2024, from basic editing to professional-grade enhancements and artistic expression.


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To sum up, the landscape of Android photo editing apps in 2024 is vast and varied, with a tool available for any task. Whether you need to make easy edits or come up with a unique artistic masterpiece, available apps will help. All you have to do is choose an app in accordance with your personal or professional needs to take the fullest advantage of the medium and shine in the world of visual content creation.