Best Planner Apps for People with ADHD 2024

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a mental disorder that makes it very difficult for someone to focus on particular tasks and gets distracted easily by other things, also a person with this kind of disorder it may seem overly active, This chronic condition can affect different people, but it appears mostly in children.

Living with ADHD can actually be very hard as it may affect your mind and make you unable to focus for long periods on most important tasks such as studying, working, or even speaking in some cases. However, this disorder is not dangerous and people can live with it as long as they are used to it.

In this article, we’ve made a list of the Best Planner Apps for People with ADHD 2024 that will help you stay organized and manage your tasks properly with time.


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1. SimpleMind

The best planner app for ADHD 2023

The best planner app for ADHD 2024.


One of the problems people with ADHD have is remembering and managing their thoughts and tasks. What if an app allows you to map your mind? SimpleMind is a great app that helps you remember when, where, why, and how by creating professional mental maps.

The app is easy enough to use: All you have to do is start with one idea and build up from that idea and spread it to the farthest possible point. By adding additional branches with important information, anyone with ADHD can use this cool app to review ideas, and plans for personal goals, work, travel, and more.


2. Evernote

best planner app for adhd free


You can save almost anything with Evernote, it is a personalized phone app, from emails, reminders, and photos to completely any ideas. Everything you save in this app is easy to find using the search function. A person with ADHD may struggle to organize physical and digital elements. However, Evernote lets you capture, organize, and carry anything with you on your smartphone. If you want to get the most out of Evernote, it may be helpful to spend time watching how it works tutorials on YouTube.


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3. Trello

The best calendar app for people with ADHD

The best calendar app for people with ADHD.


If you want to do more tasks during your day, Trello makes it easy to plan, organize and manage almost anything. It started as a tool for managers and app developers, but it has been expanded to include a huge range of usage cases. Because it’s been around for so long, you can rest easy knowing it’s a reliable app with a loyal team behind it.

Whether you need to organize grocery lists, work projects, future plans, to-do any kind of list, or even random thoughts, Trello is a great tool to use. Trello can help you overcome ADHD challenges by allowing you to track your thoughts and stay super organized easily.


4. Brain Focus

best adhd apps 2023


When you need to focus and keep your perfect performance, your smartphone can be a big distraction. But if you’re looking for a way to make it work for you and help you stay on track, Brain Focus is the perfect app to do it.

Brain Focus is an app that manages your time and keeps your phone from unnecessarily distracting you. Using the Pomodoro technology — in which work is broken up into short periods of time — the app allows you to temporarily adjust the countdown to block distracting apps until the next rest. In Brain Focus, you have the option to select and block apps that make you lose focus. In addition, you can keep track of how long you’ve worked on certain things, like business ventures and housework and reading, and other tasks.


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5. Todoist

Free App for ADHD Adults

Free App for ADHD Adults.


For anyone who struggles with remembering their tasks and necessary plans, Todoist is a great app you can try. Take all these ideas out of your head and put them on a reliable list that will sync with your calendar and keep you informed through your devices It’s now one of the simplest and most efficient apps you can recover to improve your productivity All you have to do is write a task, add date and time, and assign a category.

You can also add classification tags to your tasks and Todoist software Making the tasks that you’ve completed and still need to complete is especially important for people with ADHD because it gives you that sense of accomplishment after a job has been done.


6. Productive — Habit Tracker

best apps for adhd time management


People with ADHD often find it difficult to get used to doing things. Downloading a habit-tracking app like Productive lets you create a variety of different habits you want to focus on.

The app also lets you create a routine tailored to what you want to do, such as getting up early, drinking water, exercising, or reading. Once each task is finished for this day, deselect it. At any given time, you’ll be on your way to meeting your goals. Productive is especially useful for anyone looking for an app that can track both essential tasks and small tasks.


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7. Remember the Milk

Best apps for ADHD students

Best apps for ADHD students.


Sometimes easier, more direct plans and tasks take longer to accomplish. If you have ADHD, Remember the Milk is an app that can help you accomplish those seemingly daunting tasks.

Remember the Milk allows you to create task and subtask lists. The best part is that you can add different details to each task, such as due dates, levels of importance, places, messages, and even addresses.

You can also set up useful notifications via email or text messages. Sometimes it’s easy to forget even the small task of buying a can of milk. Remember the Milk makes these tasks simple and easy to remember even for people with ADHD.

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