Best Plant Identification Apps in 2024

Best Plant Identification Apps in 2024

Whether you’re getting a new plant or you have Hobie in plant research, the great news is that you won’t need an expert anymore to assist you with that, Just by using your phone you can download plant identification apps that will provide with any plant information including names, age, origin and, more…

Plant ID apps work simply by scanning or uploading a picture of the unknown plant which will be analyzed, and then provided with a report of the plant.

We’ve tested over 50 plant identification apps and we will provide you in this list with the Best Plant Identification Apps in 2024 that can be reliable and free of charge.

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1. PlantNet

The best plant app to identify plants

The best plant app to identify plants.

Pl @ ntNet (or PlantNet) is a free, fully collaborative plant identification app. Every time you take a picture of a plant, you’re enriching the database, which already includes over 23,000 plant species (if we compare that number to the 360,000 species that live on the Earth, we realize there’s still a long way to go).

The app is easy to use: just click on a small camera to activate the camera. Once you take your photo, you have to enter the side of the plant: paper, flower, fruit, bark, whole plant. Once you’re done, you can reach the results page.

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2. Plantsnap

The best plant app 2024

Plantsnap prides itself on its ability to identify more than 600,000 plant species. It works like other plant identification apps and uses a plant recognition system from your phone’s camera. Just take a snapshot of the plant and you’ll find Plantsnap named it. It’s also possible to activate the auto-discover option for further response. In short, the identification system is fairly classic and similar to what can be found in other plant recognition applications.

You can also select a live snapshot from your phone’s folders. Plansnap stands out from other applications of the same type using Explorer and its community of 50 million users. After geographic localization is activated, the map will allow you to identify interesting vegetation areas around you (gardens, native specimens, etc.). However, it will be necessary to wait until the app is better known until the interest points are multiplied.

For the Plansnappers community, it allows you to share your favorite photos and discoveries with your friends, view photos, and share rare plants, flowers, trees, leaves, cacti, air plants, and mushrooms from around the world, and exchange gardening.


3. Seek

The best free app for identifying plants

The best free app for identifying plants.

Like PlantNet, Seek is completely free. The plant identification app was developed by iNaturalist, following an initiative of the California Academy of Sciences in partnership with the National Geographic Society. The goal is to allow as many people as possible to discover plant and animal biodiversity. So, Seek acknowledges the advantages of image recognition technology, which is supposed to shine through its performance. Unfortunately, the results in this aspect are not very conclusive, especially compared to PlantNet.

The positive point is that each image recognition allows access to a sheet of descriptive species. You’ll find its Latin name, the date it was first discovered, a map of its geographical location, its classification (classification) by kingdom, family, sex… as well as the corresponding species and the cycle of the plant according to the seasons.

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4. PictureThis

The most accurate plant identifier app

PictureThis is an invaluable plant IDENTI for anyone who grows plants and horticulture. With 70 million users around the world, the app has established itself as a basic plant identification tool. As clear as it is, this has nothing to do with chance or well-designed marketing. PictureThis has real assets to spare. It started with its Picture identification system capable of identifying more than 17,000 plant species with 98% accuracy, which is a very impressive performance. You can choose to select (one image) to save time, or choose to select 360 degrees, by taking the same plant from different angles (what they call “360 degrees”), you increase your chances of successfully identifying the plant.

The information provided on each plant is complete, and this means something: Each sheet contains a description with photographs, plant properties (type, period of bloom, diameter, color (colors), etc.), advice from specialists, information on its maintenance requirements, diseases and parasites to which it may be exposed and many features.

5. Flora Incognita

Free plant identifier app for iPhone

Free plant identifier app for iPhone.

Flora Incognita is a plant identification app created in support of a large scientific project aimed at mapping Central European plants. The app was developed with a push from Elminau Technical University and the Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry in Gina.

The development was funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the Federal Agency for the Protection of Nature with funding from the Federal Ministry for the Environment, the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Conservation of Nature of Toringia, as well as the Thuringia Nature Conservation Foundation.

The project was recognized as an official project for the United Nations Decade for Biodiversity. As a result, the app benefits from a certain accuracy in the recognition system that is not found in other applications.

To determine a type, you first have to identify the type of plant (wildflower, shrub, tree, grass, fern) and take pictures from different angles. For example, for a wildflower, you have to photograph the top of the flower, the top of the leaf, the side of the flower, the whole plant, and the fruit. Your geographical location is taken into consideration. In this way, you get results that leave no room for error. On the other hand, it is difficult to identify internal plants (which often come from strange countries).

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6. NatureID

Best plant identification app for Android

Best plant identification app for Android.

NatureID defines itself as an intelligent assistant rather than a simple plant identification app. It aims to help you care for your plants, by offering maintenance tips that are adapted to each type and according to their individual characteristics.

Guided articles will complement this information for those who want to learn more about the world of plants and horticulture. In addition, you have a diagnostic tool at your disposal to identify diseases that affect a plant and get advice on how to solve the problem.

Unfortunately, we were unable to test this feature because the tool was not working at the time of the test. Quick and efficient identification system. Other applications often have a slow problem, but with NatureID, identification is set in 2 to 3 seconds at most. As to whether an app can actually identify more than 10,000 species, it’s hard to be able to verify ourselves. Note that the app is also able to recognize flowers and trees.

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