The best prime day deals 2024: Amazon Discounts

The best prime day deals 2024: Amazon Discounts

Amazon is the biggest online store in the world and one of the huge companies that happened to process around 4 million orders every day, it also has become one of the trillion worth companies such as Apple and Microsoft.

the reasons that make Amazon succeed are that it offers a lot of advantages to buyers, it sells millions of categories of products and doesn’t charge the lowest commission, also it offers many awards and holidays for its customers.

One of these awards is the amazon prime day program that started in 2015.


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What is exactly Prime Day?

It is a Two-days program that allowed Amazon members get to a huge discount by rates of up to 90% for many items such as electronics, books, housewares, movies… and many other brands. With Amazon prime days you will get also fast and free shipping on your orders depending on where you live.

The prime day deal is the Elite Day to save money on many products, you can also benefit from free access to streaming services such as prime videos and Music.

This deal is not only for Amazon products, it included many other retailers like Walmart, Target, Chewy, and Wayfair…


Is Amazon having Prime Day 2024?

Be Ready, Amazon is going to have a prime day in 2024 like the other previous years, even though the Amazon prime days 2024 will include more products with incredible deals and a cut down in prices.


How long does Prime Day last?

Amazon prime day is Released to stay only for two days (48H), it starts on July 12 at 3 Am and ends on 14 at 3 AM, which is the only chance time in the year that you can get the advantages from the discounts and free services.


Who can shop on Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is Available only for Prime members, so you easily get prime day deals by subscribing to a Prime plan. Amazon Prime only cost around 15 bucks and gives you also other additional benefits. Among them:


; Free reading access to more than 800 thousand books.

; Access to All the Amazon Prime shows and movies and Music.

; Save a hundred GB of photos in Amazon’s secure cloud.

. You can get a free subscription to your favorite streamer at Twitch.


Also, you need to know that Amazon Prime service is only available for 23 countries, including the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Japan, Mexico, and Saudi Arabia.



Is prime day worth it?

Amazon Prime Day is a big appetite for many customers. you can get nice products at good prices, Even though you may not see a discount for the items that you are looking for but at least you will get fast and free shipping during the Prime days. Amazon also put discounts on a lot of charismatic things, so it will be your chance also if you looking to buy some of them.


The best prime day deals 2024

With Amazon Prime Day you can save 100 dollars on many gadgets, so if you were thinking to pick something from Amazon then it may be a good chance to pick it up for a lower price, but as always the best way to save your money are by don’t buy or spend any money on things that you don’t need. But if you were looking up some items and waiting for the prices to go down that may be a good time to go for it.

Here we have collected a list of the best 5 prime day deals in Amazon 2024:


1.  LG UltraGear Monitor

LG UltraGear Monitor


Comes with a price down to 179$ from 299$, which is absolutely the best Monitor that you can get for this price.

One of The best deals on a prime day is the LG Gaming 27-inch Monitor, this full HD screen comes with high resolution (1920 × 1080) pixels with a 240Hz Refresh Rate, and it is compatible with high graphic card quality.


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2. Amazon fire tv sticks

Amazon fire tv sticks


this device is an Amazon product that comes only for 17$, with a more than fifty percent cut in the price.

Now for people who don’t know this Amazon fire tv stick, it is a media streaming device that can transform your tv into a smart one and use it as a smartphone or computer, so that you can watch online tv shows or movies, browse, get access to Internet platforms.

Now I understand that you may have a smart tv that included all those features stuff, but if not you don’t need to spend a hundred dollars to get a new tv, you can only use this device that will work for you. It is considered one of the best prime days deals in 2024 that you can get.


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3. Amazon Luna Gaming

Amazon Luna Gaming


this item is going for 39$, with around a 40% discount from the original price.

Amazon gives a big discount on a gaming controller, this device connects over Wi-Fi and is very responsive in cloud gaming, and works very well than the Bluetooth controller, Also It will work with pc, Android, Mac, and even the raspberry pi.





To make your popping sound better, You can get this device for 30$ which is the lowest price of the year.

When the Music is starting a black droplet starts to dance to it, actually, it is a magnetic fluid that has been designed to react to the beats of the song you play, this device t cloud be charged and stay at work for up to 12h.


5. boAt Blaze Smart Watch

boAt Blaze Smart Watch


this item comes only with a 43$ deal with a cut down from the original price of 88$.


Smart Watches its one of the most used devices in the last years if you are looking to buy one this could your best deal it comes with 1.75-inch curved support fast charging, and a battery that can stay with you for up to 7 days, it also offers a fast performance in running apps comes also with multiple watch faces and themes and support water resistance.


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