The Best Budget Gaming Mouse for 2024

Whether you are a gamer or using your PC for other stuff, having the right mouse can make these tasks look easier and cooler, mouses that collect between speed, reliability, and design are the best choices to make your gaming experience look better.

Now, many brands offer different types of mice, and thousands of mouse models but not all of them are really worth buying, to help pick the right choice for you as a gamer, we’ve made a list of The Best Budget Gaming Mouse for 2024 that is available in the market in cheap prices and offers great performance.


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1. Dark Core RGB Pro

Best budget gaming mouse 2024

Best budget gaming mouse 2024.


Corsair’s Dark Core RGB Pro SE is a good choice if you want lots of features. The USB-C charging provides and supports Qi wireless charging. This mouse can switch between 2.4 GHz wireless mode over a USB or Bluetooth dongle. Sure, you’ll get better results with the Dongle, but it’s great to have options.

Although the battery is convenient, it’s not as durable as the G502 Lightspeed or the Kone Pro Air.

Some smaller but welcome features come in a removable magnetic cover that fits your right side and can be removed so you can rest your ring or little finger comfortably. If you like a more customizable design, it might be a great feature.




2. Logitech G502 LIGHTSPEED

Cheap gaming mouse 2024

Cheap gaming mouse 2024.

It’s a great gaming mouse for demanding players who don’t want to worry about anything – or for regular users who just want a good quality mouse. It’s comfortable and full of features, and even though it’s wireless, it has fast and accurate performance that doesn’t seem to be a shame compared to wired mice. Of course, because it’s better, not cheaper. But if you have the idea of investing in a next-generation wireless mouse, the G502 LightSpeed has the best gaming, general-purpose, and gaming mouse of your strategy all integrated into one. The main buttons provide satisfactory feedback when clicked, and unlike some other popular models, they are easily clicked regardless of how they are held.

This mouse also has a Quick Fire button, a feature taken from other Logitech games and consumer-focused game mice. By default, scrolling causes one Web page to drop at a time, which is what you expect the scroll wheel to do. Touching the button activates the mechanism that holds the wheel, allowing it to move freely to the end of a long page. It’s a small advantage, but it gives the mouse a greater variety in certain situations, such as the ability to quickly move through your inventory during the game. Another nice feature is that you can add 16 grams of weight to the mouse to give it more resistance.

The weight of game mice depends on personal preference and can vary from game to game. It’s one of the few modern wireless devices that offer flexibility in changing weight. The fact that the G502 Lightspeed wireless makes it easy to take it with you wherever you go. But if you can’t pay for it, I suggest you take a look at your G502 Hero, which is the wired version of this mouse. It has almost all the features you’ll find in the wireless model – except, you know, wireless connectivity.




3. Roccat Kone Pro Air

Budget gaming mouse


Kone Pro Air is one of Roccat’s best game mice, more pleasing to the eye than our favorite choice, and a little easier in the pocket as well. It’s a simpler mouse than the Lightspeed G502, with fewer buttons and overall features. But if you just want to get the basics right, it’s a comfortable, trouble-free option. It has dual wireless connectivity with support for Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz. Using the key at the bottom, you can switch between the two modes, with the profile toggle button (you can program it using the software from Roccat) and the USB connector storage slot. The mouse supports USB-C charging and includes a twisted cable.

Kone Pro Air has a low arch and thick, easily accessible thumb buttons. It may not exactly match the sensation of this mouse if your taste is conflicting with the comfort designs nearby, but it is comfortable to use with a variety of grip styles. Helps to provide this comfort in all game styles are the main mouse buttons, which cover almost half of the upper part of the mouse.

The G502 Lightspeed is hard to beat, but the Roccat is approaching – at least in terms of feeling. It’s an aluminum slider that provides a good grip and every step that rolls through it is very tactile. Its Rapid Charge USB-C feature also corresponds to the company’s claim that the mouse can only charge for 10 minutes and works well for a few hours. Roccat also sells a wired version of this mouse called Kone Pro, with the same features if you want a more economical version of the mouse devices in the list.





4. SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless

Best gaming mouse in 2024

Best gaming mouse in 2024.


Weighing only 66g, the SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless weighs much less than our best options. This is a significant addition, as is the case with USB-C shipping, which is still rare among other popular Razer and Logitech models. It can operate in 2.4GHz wireless mode with an attached USB-C dongle, or using Bluetooth, and has an IP54 rating to protect it from a little bit of water and dust.

However, they’re not as comfortable as the other game mice on the list. While this may not be a big problem for people who simply use it for games, it’s not especially comfortable to use it as a full-day device. Also, the Aerox 3 Wireless device goes into standby mode and loses contact with your computer to conserve power if you don’t use it for a few minutes.




5. Razer’s Naga

best gaming mouse 2024


The shape and function of the Razer’s Naga mouse have come a long way over the years, but it has always been the best and most cost-effective MMO gaming mouse. This new version of Razer Naga Pro is better: a comfortable small mouse with a high-quality sensor and three swappable thumb belts, with sets of buttons ideal for MOBA, MMO, or general-use games. The MOBA matrix is the best, as it contains 6 buttons arranged in two rows so that there are enough buttons to assign different capabilities, but not much

Gets in the way. This new version provides enhanced battery life and works with the Razer Mouse Dock (unfortunately not listed). Razer Naga Pro is a little too small for big hands, with a more flat form than some mouse devices. The right comfortable grip for MMO is relaxed, but it will still function well if you play MOBA, Shooter, or any other more active game.




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The best budget gaming mouse wireless 2024

The best budget gaming mouse wireless 2024.


IRONCLAW RGB WIRELESS is the best mouse for players with big hands. Its design includes various materials such as soft, shiny plastic on buttons, diamond texture on the rubber sides of the handle, and wavy rubber with a unique texture on the wheel, each doing its job brilliantly.

Instead of a single, cohesive material, Corsair designed one that fits each function, enhancing the excellent overall fit of the mouse to make it really comfortable to slide over the mouse pad. It is curved and bent to perfectly fit the comfort of right-hand players. It looks a little heavy, especially for the wireless mouse, and unfortunately doesn’t provide customizable weights.





7. Razer Viper Ultimate Wireless

Best budget gaming mouse for valorant

Best budget gaming mouse for valorant.

Razer Viper Ultimate Wireless uses Razer’s new optical focus sensor, which can be up to 20,000 dpi. It’s the same as Deathadder V2. Viper is an incredibly accurate mouse with a 650 IPS rating (how fast you can move the mouse before it loses its tracing resolution), a number too large to track in fast movements, and can be compared back to Deathadder V2 The battery lasts about 70 hours before needing to be recharged at the cute little charging base, making it perfect for long game sessions.

Despite their good weight and general feeling, the buttons themselves seem a little flimsy when clicked, which prevents them from being at the top of the list; It’s a pity considering the high price and all the other cool new technologies. However, Viper Ultimate Wireless is a fun, HD game mouse that’s incredibly fast with good battery life.




8. Logitech G Pro Wireless

Best budget gaming mouse for valorant


The G Pro Wireless device has no analog when it comes to wireless mice, including a premium Logitech 16,000 dpi HERO sensor and the type of latent experience you would expect from a wired mouse.

It weighs a little over 80 grams, and it’s incredibly light, but unlike some of the lighter rats, it doesn’t look cheap or disposable. Instead, it is made of high-quality materials and displays performance befitting visual quality.

Logitech designed each G Pro Wireless component to be as light and durable as possible, including reducing the weight of the chassis side wall without sacrificing installation or density. It also has 40 hours of battery life and is customizable, with buttons on side panels that can be removed and swapped for soft covers if that’s what you prefer. You can also associate G Pro with the Logitech’s Powerplay charging mouse pad and don’t have to worry about running out of power again. The only real downside is the price. The G Pro isn’t cheap, but it can fully justify this cost with quality.




9. Basilisk V2

Best budget gaming mouse for Fortnite

Best budget gaming mouse for Fortnite.


Basilisk V2 is the wired mouse recommended for people who want the benefits of modern Razer wireless mouse devices, such as a high-end SpeedFlex cable, fast performance, and a rule with PTFE “feet” that allows the mouse to slide over the mouse pad and lamps, of course. Although there is a design that may not fit everyone’s hands, it is a smaller mouse with more features than DeathAdder V2.

For example, the Basilisk V2 has a removable sniper button that is easily accessible, as well as an adjustable scrolling wheel pull feature. It’s not as good as the free Logitech G502 roller, but it’s good for those who want to personalize their scroll wheel on their game mouse. One of the best things about this mouse is that it has most of the same features as the more expensive Basilisk Ultimate, the wireless version of this mouse.




10. Logitech G203

budget gaming mouse


There are many more affordable gaming mice that are worth your money today, but few you can trust just like the Logitech G203 Light sync. It’s a versatile device, delivering consistent, stable performance in a stylish box, and it’s absolutely the best cheap gaming mouse today. The built-in Logitech sensor is capable of up to 8,000 dpi, if you’re interested, and has responsive buttons to ensure a smooth click.

This wired mouse has two easy-to-reach right thumb buttons, giving it almost a cool design. It also has three-phase light around the mouse body that ensures beautiful scaling effects and can be controlled by an app that lets you choose colors. It’s not a great feature, but for the price you find in this mouse, relative to others, it provides a good grip, a very responsive click, and a smooth pass.



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