Best Games to Play on Chromebook in 2024

Best Games to Play on Chromebook in 2024

Chromebook is one of the most excellent smart devices that can be used for different tasks such as browsing, watching videos, texting, painting, and playing games. However, this device has been designed by Google to work with its own operating system which is Chrome OS but, it also supports the app store that you can use to download the games and the apps you want.

Now if you are using this kind of device in school you may be bored for some time and would like to waste time playing games, to help you with that we’ve made this guide that contains the Best Games to Play on Chromebook in 2024 which is allowed to download it and play it on school for free.


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1. Monument Valley

best game on Chromebook 2023


Monument Valley is one of the most popular puzzle games to create such a fuss, with its stunning design and unique experience in a world of wonder, sustained by music that adds to the sensation of mystery and confusion. The player will have to guide the lost princess into a world of superb illusions, which defies the player’s intelligence to the fullest.

The game works perfectly on Chromebook devices since the characters move through tapping, and changing the features of the player’s surroundings requires only tapping and dragging. The game is available at $0.99 with internal purchases at $1.99.


2. Leap Day

Best games for school Chromebook in 2023

Best games for school Chromebook in 2024.

While most games offer simple controls, Leap Day offers a simpler user experience, which is perfect for Chromebook, with the game works well on different devices, just tapping into the game window for regular jumping or double jumping, to climb the world from one level to another.

The game has a distinctive design with a daily course change.


3. Redcon

google play games for chromebook


Redcon is another strategy game that can be played on Chromebook, but it is very different from Battlevoid: Harbinger, where the game is on a battlefield in which the player has to eliminate the enemy fortress by targeting it with weapons in the best strategic way possible, and like most other games.

the game offers simple controls, where the player can only shoot and click, with the need for speed in the game, where the game may be difficult at times, with its design at the level on different devices. The game is available for a free trial, with the full version available at a starting price of $0.99.


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4. Alto’s Odyssey

Best Chromebook games 2023

Best Chromebook games 2024.


Alto’s Odyssey is a stripper for Alto adventure games and is more beautiful than other Chromebook games. It is an Android game that is widely supported by Chromebook. They come with intuitive controls that are easy to learn and provide living savings while hiking in the desert.

You can take amazing photos of your trip from the Pause screen. This game has its own quiet soundtrack that takes you into a relaxing position while you’re playing. Alto’s Odyssey is an endless journey of sand skiing to discover its secrets that give users a free-standing experience.


5. Entanglement

games to play on chromebook unblocked


Entanglement is one of Chromebook’s most impressive games, featuring good-looking features, organic designs, and a fun playback style. You can create the longest path for the game and challenge your friends to complete it. You need a paid subscription to play the game.

The free trial includes Solitaire and multiplayer mode. In single-player mode, you play the game to break your record, but in team-play mode, you play against five other people. You can challenge your friend to play face-to-face to get to the destination. It’s a free gaming app supported by Chromebook.


6. Bomb Squad

Best offline Chromebook games in 2023

Best offline Chromebook games in 2024.


Bomb Squad is a tricky-looking game where your only goal is to blow your opponents up with a variety of different bombs. It’s one of the most fun games you’ve played on a Chromebook, and a quick-play style is something I really enjoy.

The game features a range of different game modes, including a group-play mode that allows you to compete with other players online. You should definitely try Bomb Squad on your Chromebook and I’m sure that fun ragdoll physics will make you a long-term drug addict.


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7. Badland 2

games for chromebook free in 2023


If you enjoy a good adventure title, Badland 2 is on the right track. The game has fairly simple controls, so playing them on the big touch screen of the Chromebook won’t bother you, and the bigger screen will also let you appreciate the amazing artwork of the game a little bit more.

Badland 2 is spread on several dark and ominous levels with players who control a bizarrely strange fur ball that avoids and weaves through a ton of hurdles. Badland 2 also deserves to check its stunning sound, if you are someone who values good music.

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