How To Delete Your Twitter Account Permanently (2024)

How To Delete Your Twitter Account Permanently (2024)

Twitter is one of the most famous social media platforms, it has about a 400million users around the world so it is free and easy to use, also it has strong hashtag power which allows you to reach a big audience and follow last updates and news. Although many users don’t like Twitter anymore because of the downsides such as the Limit character posts, spam, fake accounts, hate comments…etc. However, if you want to stop using these platforms, we will show in this guide How To Delete Your Twitter Account Permanently (2024) in quick easy steps.


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How To Delete Your Twitter Account Permanently (2024)


If you want to delete your Twitter account and don’t know how to follow the steps below:


  1. Open the Twitter App Twitter Account profile
  2. Tap on your profile section at the top of the left side Twitter profile
  3. Click on the “Settings and privacy” section Twitter settings and privacy
  4. Choose “Your account” Twitter account 2023
  5. At the bottom of the page, Click on “Deactivate your account” Deactivate your Twitter account 2023
  6. Click on “Deactivate” the red option below the page Deactivate your twitter account 2023 - delete Twitter account 2023



What will happen if you deactivate Twitter?


Note: After Finish the steps above, your account will be deactivated for 30 days, it will be removed from public visibility and you will be the only one who can navigate to your account during that period, after the 30 days finish the account will be permanently deactivated if you don’t make the “Reactivate” action.

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