How to get free student microsoft office

how to get free student microsoft office

If you are a student then you probably have a school email education, this email can be so useful for many different things you can use it to get a lot of paid and helpful tools and services for free.

every school gives every subscriber student a personal email that he can use to receive school or education notifications. this mail is created by Microsoft company and it has a written formal look like this “”.

Also if you are not a student or do not subscribe to any school I will show in this article how to get free student Microsoft office and tell you what benefits you will get from it.


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What are the benefits of having student email?


One of the most useful services is the Microsoft App which has a lot of useful tools, this office app is not free for everyone unless you are a student and you have a valid student email you can use this service without paying anything. That is one of the best features that Microsoft offered with this email.


The second cool benefit of the student email is that you can have a free domain name with a different extension, one of the best companies that offer this feature is Namecheap. Also, you can get free condition hosts with free GitHub plans, which can help create for free or low-cost.


Using a college email can give you more chances for huge discounts when you shop, especially when the start of the school session.


how to get free student Microsoft office


To get a free student Microsoft Office you need to have a student email, to do. Follow the below steps:


  • First of all, you need to apply for college plans using their website, there is a play of colleges for example “Virginia’s community colleges” Virginia’s community colleges”.

To complete the application process you will need some personal information, that you can put on your own or generate it easily from this website.


  • After you complete the application process you will wait for only 24 to 48h, then you will receive an email from the college administration containing a new student email and password that you can use.

You can this email to get access directly and sign in to the new Microsoft office account that allowed you to use all Microsoft apps without paying any money and for an unlimited period.



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