How To Invest in Real Estate with NO Money In 2024

How to invest in real estate with no money 2024

Real estate is one of the top investments because it offers a lot of benefits and generates a big amount of money, also people love to invest because it saves and does not require any risks. But before setup it up, you need a professional and deep analysis and the more important thing is the initial capital required.

This guide is for beginners who are interested to start in the Real estate field we will show the smart way to enter the world of investment and give them a secret strategy that will help them that will entitle them to make their first profits, also we will share our successful experience and unique ways on how to make money in real estate in 2024.


As a teenager everyone would like to start making his earnings and start understanding the importance of money, 10 years early I was the same person, I was dreaming to be a businessman start making millions of dollars, and living a rich life, but it doesn’t start easy as expect to be in my preview it taking me so many years to understand how the game works. I didn’t have many to start so it was a lot difficult for me also I didn’t know anyone who can help me, so I begin to educate myself about all I can in the investing process. I start by reading books on real estate investing and checking out free podcasts and websites for information resources.

I tried to discover the best strategy that can work for me especially since I was at an early age which make me feel fear in every step I wanna apply, I needed to accumulate capital to start making deals so I figured out my own ways to that which I will share with you below.


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How to make make money to invest in real Estate 2024


There are a lot of ways to make money with different Jobs and strategies, this is some users that you can use to make money to start in real estate.


1. Use your phone


One of the easiest ways I use to make money when I was a teenager, is using the virtual resold trick, which you can do by just using your phone. Follow the steps:

  1. Go to Walmart and find a unique product.
  2. Screenshot or download the images of the items, and also copy the title and the description.
  3. Go to eBay and post the exact item with the same information you copied (or you may edit it a little bit to make it more attractive to customers), and add the higher price for about 15 to 30% of the original price.
  4. Now when somebody orders your eBay product, you just go straight to Walmart again, add it to your cart and shop it directly from Walmart to the customer’s address.
Notice: on Walmart, you can ship the product as a gift so the customer won't know you just bought over Walmart.


2. Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Marketing is one of the top ways to make money online, in fact, you make thousands of dollars per month with it, there are many ways to do Affiliate Marketing you beginner, I will show one of the easiest ways to start Affiliate Marketing:

  1. G to and sign up for a free account.
  2. Choose the affiliate marketplace section, and choose the category.
  3. Enable the Gravity by Sort result option.
  4. Try to find a required item with high average conversion.
  5. Once you found it, Get the link by clicking the promote button and adding your username.
  6. Try to promote the products via the link by using social media or share it with your interested friend.

For every order, you will get your share of the commission, so try to get as much as you can.


3. Sell the software license legally


You can use Amazon or any buy-sell platform that allowed post your products, the first thing you will need to do for this process is to get a verified license software, you can do that in very different ways (TopWareSale, Giveaway Radar, SharewareOnSale) according to each company that has the program. one of the most required and bought products is the Microsoft Office software which we have explained in this article How to get free student Microsoft office.

After you have a valid account for the software you can offer to sell it for big discounts or maybe half of the price.


How to invest in real estate with no money 2024


You can start making money in real estate with no money in many ways, however, if you consider yourself a beginner it is hard to invest in real estate without any money because buyers (owners) and development building company they work very professionally, Also today the competition in this field is becoming strong than before so the odds of winning are considered low. But here are some proven ways to make money in real estate without money.


1. Wholesaling


Wholesaling property is like a real estate agent, it is not selling the property directly it is selling the rights of contracts, You select between the owner (who wanna sell the property) and the investor (who like to buy the property), to help you understand Let us take a quick example.

I looked up to place for sale I figure out the final price for it let us say 420K. I contacted the investors, developers, and building companies and offered it to them at a little high than the original price of around 450k. Now if they accept the deal, I will make a contract property and then send it to the original buyer and I make 30k dollars without putting any money in my pocket.


2. Subject-to strategy


This is one of the best strategies to control a property without paying any money. The owner dead the property to you, and you, sign a contract with him saying that you agree to the seller’s mortgage payments, after that you turn the property into your name, then you sell when the right price is offered, and finally, you pay the previous owner for his property + you give him up past unpaid mortgage, and it’s done.

This still works a lot today between investors and real estate agents, one of the other benefits that offer is avoiding affecting your credit and hiding your buy-sell process.


3. Real Estate Partnership


Going into a partnership may be one of your best ways to invest in real estate with no money in 2024, there are a lot of businessmen that have so much work and a full schedule that are would like actually to have more investments, you can find the perfect spot in the property and offer it to them as a partnership deal. he can finance the property. you, on your side, will manage the property for a share of the profits that the investment makes.

The Real Estate Partnership is a win/win for every side. you can have a partner when you don’t have enough capital to invest in property, on the other hand maybe you don’t have the time or the required experience to conduct this kind of investment.



Finally, as we mentioned going into real estate investment is not an easy thing, it s full of Risks and problems more than you can imagine but it has been also the no 1 profit investment field. For that, we recommend you educate yourself and read more about the real estate experiences, and before you choose to take a deal or sign any contract, read it from every side and consult a legal advisor.

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