iOS 16 features that will blow your mind

the best iOS 16 features

The new version of the iOS 16 system has come with a lot of great features that users will like, even though this version is still receiving new updates it is considered to be the best iOS version that you can use on your device at this time.

This new update does not support many other phones like the iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 which make its software expired. cannot work with iOS 16 or receive any efficient updates from Apple. However, if you are using iPhone 8 or a new phone from it you will probably be able to try the iOS 16 version. So if you are looking to update your phone to this new version or maybe you already have it, we’ve collected some New iOS 16 features that we will share with you here.


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1. Edit Messages on iOS 16:

The coolest things that iOS 16 can do


The iMessage app has received some new capabilities that will be very helpful to people. With the new iOS 16, you can edit or remove the message that you have already sent in less than 15 minutes, you can easily do it by long pressing on the message, which will allow you to edit what you type or cut off completely. it is worth mentioning that after you have edited or deleted the message your contact person will see that it was revised but it cannot see the history. We do actually consider this kind of feature to be one of the coolest things that iOS 16 can do.


2. Lock screen:

Lock screen - iOS 16 features


One of the fantastic things that iOS 16 come with is the several options for the Lock screen that you can customize easily from the screen settings.

Before the new version was launched Apple users were only stuck with one wallpaper selection. Still, now we can adapt the screen look from different sides, like the colors,  buttons, fonts…etc, and we can also mix between so many wallpapers that Apple offers to design our special screen and make it look as we want. There are also compact screens that make the shape of the iPhone look more alive and attractive. I think that giving customers the ability to improve the appearance of their screen is one of the coolest features that Apple has put in iOS 16.


3. Visual Lookup:

the best iOS 16 features


Visual Lookup is one of the best iOS 16 features that Apple has worked on, this new AI mark was added to the photo settings, and by only long pressing it does allow users to copy and paste any element or person in the photos. and there are also many other great options that you can use to edit your photos with advanced customization using only Apple’s first-party App.


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4. Apple Pay Later

cool ios 16 features - Apple Pay Later


With the new Apple Pay Later feature you can process your payment by using only your iPhone, but what is cooler about this feature is that you can buy any product and pay by only using Apple credit, and what does Apple is pay the full price to the seller and split that amount into 4 parts and deduct it from your account separately for the next 6 weeks without any extra fees.


5. Apple Wallet

Apple wallet iOS 16 features


Apple Wallet is a great way that you can use to replace your veritable wallet with a virtual one that it can be set up in your phone and used with multiple services, for example, with an apple wallet you can hold your driver’s license, office keys, car keys, credit card,…etc, and although users can share their logins including Messages, calls, emails, and more. Apple also improving the security of the wallet app which will expand identity and adult verification.