iPhone 15: the new iPhone 2024

Apple has new iPhone 2024 device comes this year with a lot of features and amazing design, a brilliant camera, and high specifications.

After so much waiting Apple decide to launch a new device, The new iPhone 15 comes in 2024 as of the most wanted phones, the device exceeded expectations in every respect and it deserves to be the Best phone in 2024.

If you are looking to have a new iPhone device or to get an Upgrade from an old one, then iPhone is going to be one of your best choices this year. It is for sure that shortly after launching the phone you will see everyone looking to get a piece of it, so if you are by yourself looking to buy this iPhone 15, let us give you a hand at what you need to expect it.



iPhone 15 Design


The new iPhone 15 comes with a unique design from every side, of the series, one of the newest things you will notice is the back shape which comes with 4 rear cameras, a flashlight, a highly sensitive sensor, and the Apple logo that come close to the camera. the device has made of full aluminum from the back the frame is very tiny to the previous series of “iPhone 14”, As always the Pro Max version has the biggest screen at around 6.7 inches.


iPhone 15 supports a lot of options in colors (blue, pink, black, white, green, Midnight…), in the box comes with a wireless charger and the newest generation of the Ear-Pods also contains a USB-C to lighting cable and power adapter the screen protector.


The phone supports a sensor Fingerprint under the display, also a face id scanner, The weight of the mobile is around 170g with 160.8×78.1×7.6-mm dimensions, and it has an IP68 of water resistance (the ability to stay for more than 6h under water).


Like the last year the iPhone 15 comes with Lightning ports without a headphone jack, the SIM card port is located on the up of the lift side as also the volume up/down buttons, and the power button is on the right side.


iPhone 15 Specifications


The new iPhone comes with a specification that is outperforming, it is considered to be one of the strongest Phones ever, it has been tested in many speed and processing tests that have proven its high performance.


The device comes with an Apple M1 Healer processor Octa-core, 8GB of Random memory access, and Up to 1TB of space storage, it supports the fifth generation of network, the type of screen the super Retina XDR OLED-Touch support 1B color with a resolution of 1284×2778 pixels.


The phone comes with a high-quality Loud stereo speaker, the wi-fi technology is 802.11 dual-band, A2DP LE 5.1 Bluetooth technology, it supports GPS location and NFC, but doesn’t have Radio FM.


the iPhone 15 comes out with the new version of the iOS 16 Beta, Apple has put a lot of effort into improving this operating system to look better than the previous version (iOS 15) and without slips or errors also to be more responsive with users and included nice useful features.


iPhone 15 camera:


The iPhone 15 has 4 cameras in the back and comes with 12MP wide f/1.5 aperture, 12MP 5X zoom f/2.8 for taking near photos, 12MP Ultrawide 16mm f/1.8, 5MP f/1.6. The device comes with HDR 3 with a panoramic shooting up to 68MP also the zoom is up to 10×, supporting Night-style portraits with LiDAR.

For video shooting the iPhone 15 has cinema mode with the ability to record up to 1080 at 60 fps, 4k high quality for video recording with 8MP image capturing during the recording, it has a slowed motion feature that supports up to 240 fps, and cinematic video stabilization (1080p, 4k).

Now for the front camera, we have a dual 12MP Wide 26mm f/2.2, also supporting an HDR 3 with Retina high flash. It can record also record a 4K video up to 120 fps.


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iPhone 15 Battery:


The device has an excellent 4500mAh battery made of Lithium-ion, after testing out we figured out that it can stand with you for more than 30 hours of video playback, it comes with 65w fast charging so it can be charged from 0 to 100% in less than 1hour, the battery support USB Power delivery 2.0.



iPhone 15 features:


The new iPhone 15 comes with many new features we are going to mention some of them:


✅ the Sensor moving optical image stabilization allowed you to switch the resolution of the camera during the recording with a proper tone flash which can help a lot in making high-quality videos.

✅ The screen has 1200 nits with 120Hz, also a large color gamut, and Dolby vision with rounded corners that followed a beautiful curved design, so this screen is considered the best screen that has ever been made on any phone before.

✅ The Phone supports the fifth generation technology (5G) with a speed of up to 5.7 Mbps which is fast and has a responsive internet connection, of up to 500 megabits per second.

✅ The phone has high water resistance and also layers against the trust, and splash.

✅ Support online payments services (visa, MasterCard, AMEX…).


iPhone 15 price:


Even with all the cool things and the strong performance, Apple has launched the iPhone 15 at a very good price.


        iPhone 15 Model price in the USA price in India price in Dubai
iPhone 15 800$ 77,990₹ 2900AED
iPhone 15 Pro 999$ 80000₹ 3600AED
iPhone 15 Pro Max 1,200$ 1,24,990₹ 4400AED