New Profile Pic app 2024: Urgent update, All You Need to Know

New Profile Pic app 2024: Urgent update, All You Need to Know. Is the new profile pic app safe to use. Is the new profile pic free. Download New profile pic app.

Recently launched a new app called “NewProfilePic“, this App allowed users to transform their profile photos into a cartoon design, this app is considered just a simple edit but many questions are asked about this app on the web.

For that, We did some research about this, and come to this Article to answer each of your suspicious questions and provide you with All You Need to Know about this app.


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What is the new profile pic app?

The new profile pic is an app that allowed you to edit your images with some Editing tools, so you can change the colors in your pictures and make them look like cartoon photos. this new profile pic app has been viral in the last period, so there are very few people you may know using it in very different ways like changing their social media profile pictures.

Is the new profile pic app safe to use:

There are some rumors that this app steals users’ personal information and spies on them, even though there are some sources warning about this app and saying that it collects users’ data and sends it to Moscow, or that this Russian spy app…

Well, I would like to say that all these rumors are not true and there is not any evidence to confirm it yet. However, the only way an app or any program software steal your data is by giving them permission to access your storage or camera, or microphone… you can simply avoid that by changing the setting of your device with this app or clicking “always ask before use”.

To change or cancel setting permissions, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the settings of your device.
  2. choose apps.
  3. From there it will show All the apps that have been installed on your phone.
  4. choose the New Pic App, then click permissions.
  5. Finally, all you have to do is see what authorization is allowed and disable it by clicking Don’t Allow.

The just like that you will be safe from any spying you may be exposed to it from any app.


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Is the new profile pic free:

the new profile pic app has been launched to use in Android and iOS systems with free cost, which means you can use the app and edit an unlimited number of photos without spending much on it.

Download the New Profile pic app:

the New profile pic app is Available to download for free in the play store for Android and App Store for iOS system, you can check it from the links below:

New Profile Pic app Apple.

New Profile Pic app Android.

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