Best Android Smartwatch of 2024

Best Android Smartwatch for 2024

Having a smartwatch can actually be very useful for many functions, besides the Clock, it allows you to run different tasks such as tracking your health and making calls, playing music… Unlike Apple, Android watches will give you a wide range of choices for any budget.

If you are an Android user, then you must go for the Android watch to match your uses and you should not buy an Apple watch, as they don’t work with Android devices.

As for phones, there are plenty of Android watches that have been launched and new ones are realized this year, so if you are looking to get a new watch that will fit your needs. To help you pick the right choice, we’ve made a list of “Best Android Smartwatch of 2024” according to many factors such as specification, design, and price.


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1. Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

The best Android smartwatch to buy in 2024

The best Android smartwatch to buy in 2024.


If you’re interested in smartwatches like Galaxy Watch 5 Pro but there’s no Apple Watch on your wrist, you’re probably using a Samsung-wearable device, or at least considering one. Samsung is one of the leaders in the arms race for wearable devices, collaborating actively with Google to develop software extensively in the hope of catching up with, and even bypassing, Apple’s market order.

Watch 5 Pro, Samsung is sure to enrich the smart clock space with a fairly interesting show that is difficult enough to tolerate harsh usage conditions but also lives to tell the story unaffected. At the same time, it lacks the somewhat surprising “strong” design of many of those traditional clocks, and it’s easy to turn it into a rather elegant one.

With an easy battery life of at least two days of heavy use and a range of features well-suited to its robust nature, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is easily the best smartwatch you can get for your Android and the best you can use with your Galaxy phone.

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is a light-illustration smartwatch that is large, wide, long, and significantly heavier than, for example, the Apple Watch. It’s a one-size-fits-all titanium and ruby glass, and the latest Galaxy Watch is a reasonably robust intersection between an official clock and a heavy-duty travel companion that might seem a bit scary when you first put it on your wrist.

One of the new features in the Galaxy Watch 5 configuration is an infrared skin temperature sensor on the bottom of the watch.

It’s been suggested that the wearable device will be able to measure your skin temperature, alert you to high temperatures, and help track your core female circulation.




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2. Google Pixel Watch

The best Android smartwatch in 2024

The best Android smartwatch in 2024.


The Google Pixel Watch is one of the smartest hours, bringing strong specifications and stylish design, with a glass interface (Gorilla 5 glass), a stainless steel frame, and a clock that supports water resistance up to 50 meters below the global IP68 standard. The clock uses the Exynos 9110 processor developed by Samsung with a manufacturing precision (10 nm). Smart Watch supports integrated eSIM and supports GSM / HSPA / LTE. The Google Pixel Watch has a 294mA battery that supports Qi wireless charging.

Google’s new smart Pixel Watch features a circular design with a full screen curved in all respects, with a stainless steel object that Google says is up to 80% recycled. Google confirmed the clock bracelet is interchangeable, which allows users to choose the most appropriate clock bracelet, but it displayed the clock with a rubber bracelet in various colors. There is also a large round button on the side, similar to what Apple uses in its smart hours. Google has not yet revealed information about the sizes of the watch that will be available.

Google confirmed that its first Google Pixel Smartwatch is 3.5 Wear OS, which provides user interface enhancements, better navigation, and smarter alerts, with Google’s basic clock user applications available, including access to Google Assistant Voice Assistant and Lives Google Maps on the clock, as well as the availability of Google Wallet Application to control other smart home appliances connected directly through pixel watch, with the Emergency SOS Call feature or request help from a family member or friend.





3. Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

Best new Galaxy watch in 2024

Best new Galaxy watch in 2024.


When I say the Galaxy Watch 5 is a carbon copy of the Galaxy Watch 4, I mean it exactly. For everyone, except for the new 44 mm Sapphire Color Aisle, the only physical difference between 4 and 5 that you can see with the naked eye is the curve under the clock where the BIA sensor is located.

The Watch 4 sensor was basically flat, meaning that any time someone with a particularly narrow or wide wrist flexes it, you may lose all contact with the sensor, resulting in inaccurate or incomplete tracking. With the Galaxy Watch 5, this curve provides more connectivity, resulting in more reliable data, whether your wrist is thin or thick, thin or muscular. This is great news for me and my wrist bones, for reasons that we’ll talk about in a moment.

Generally, performance is as good as an Android smartphone, but not terrifying. There’s still one problem with Samsung here, and it’s related to backup and restores.

The Galaxy Wearable app is still unable to keep a backup copy of the apps you downloaded, just the order of the apps preloaded in the app tray. So, every time you take the clock to a different phone or reset the factory, you’ll have to find every app in the Google Play app yourself. At least you can send apps to the clock from Google Play on your phone these days. If Samsung and Google can collaborate on the entire OS, I’m sure they can figure out a way to back up and store the app list for re-download.




4. Fitbit Versa 4

Best Android smartwatch for health monitoring

Best Android smartwatch for health monitoring.

Fitbit watches are considered one of Google’s most powerful and popular smartwatch watches, as Apple Watch, Huawei, Samsung, and Xiaomi watches compete with them. Today, Google is releasing a new version of its Fit Home 4 smartwatch.

As you can see in the above image, Gate Bayt Versa 4 takes a curved square shape of sides and revises the edges, coming in at a size (height-width-height) of 40*40*12.5 mm, and with a fairly light intensity of 40 g. This clock is very much like Google’s Fitbit Sense 2. Google introduces its new watch, as is the case with the Fitbit Versa 3, with two different colors: black and red, with an aluminum frame and silicone belts available in several colors.

The new Fitbit clock has a 1.58-inch, 366*366-pixel AMOLED display with 3D protective glass. It has more than 100 dedicated screen interfaces and you can add other interfaces from your phone gallery. On the right-hand side, there is one clock button, so you can turn the clock on and off.

Fitbit Versa 4 can be considered one of the sports hours with an integrated health and athletic system, where the clock supports more than 40 major athletic positions that, through their practice, monitor and plan heart activity with ECG, and also monitor blood pressure levels and oxygen levels.

In addition, distances and the number of calories burned in the body are calculated, and various tracks are recorded due to availability on GPS. Phet Beit First’s new waterproof clock to a depth of 50 meters. Fitbit Versa 4 is available only on the speaker and microphone which allows you to make different calls from your watch. You will also be able to receive various messages and notifications on your phone right on the clock.


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5. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4


Best Android smartwatch 2024

Best Android smartwatch 2024.


The Galaxy Watch 4 is a bold upgrade. It was not a problem for Samsung to launch another Tizen-based clock with all the new health features I introduced with the Galaxy Watch 4. The new clock is likely working well. It could have been business as usual. However, the company decided to break the template.

I decided to reinvent the Android Smart Watch fundamentally. I teamed up with Google to bring Wear OS out of the shadows. There is no greater support for Wear OS than Samsung’s decision to give up Tizen for it.

Samsung’s work with Google on Wear OS will benefit the entire Android Smartwatch ecosystem. Samsung can drive innovation for Android-based smartwatches unlike any of Google’s partners. The Galaxy Watch 4 is living proof of this. Samsung has also priced its new smartwatches reasonably well, especially when compared to what it did last year. The cheapest Galaxy Watch 3 clock costs $400.

The least you can pay for Galaxy Watch 4 is $199.99. Up to Watch 4 Classic’s rotating clock and the biggest battery starts at $349.99. I’d be more than happy to buy the Galaxy Watch 4 at these prices. It provides incredible value for money with great new features, an entirely new chipset, and access to the vast Android app library.





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