Best App to Read Manga for Free

Unlock the World of Manga: Explore the Best Free Apps for Readers

Manga has indeed taken over the world, enchanting millions with its distinctive narrative and artistic expression. Thus, for manga aficionados eager to embark on countless stories without spending a dime, the discovery for the exceptional app to read manga for free is a prerequisite. The subsequent article examines several free manga apps, describing their distinct characteristics, advantages, and why they are certain to meet your every reading need.


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Best App to Read Manga for Free

Choosing the right manga app depends on a variety of factors including content availability, user interface, and additional features. Here’s a deep dive into the most recommended free manga apps available today.

Feature Comparison of Top Manga Reading Apps

Feature Crunchyroll Manga Shonen Jump Manga Plus Webtoons Tachiyomi
Library Size Large Large Large Extensive Customizable
Offline Reading Yes Limited No Yes Yes
Multi-Language Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Update Frequency High High High Moderate High
Ads Yes Minimal Yes Yes No


Popular Free Manga Apps

Let’s explore the specifics of some of the most popular free manga apps on the market.

Crunchyroll Manga

Overview: Crunchyroll Manga offers instant access to the latest manga releases straight from Japan. As a part of the larger Crunchyroll ecosystem, which is known for streaming anime, this app provides legal access to a range of manga titles.


  • Simulpubs: Read manga at the same time they are released in Japan.
  • Wide range: Includes popular titles like “Attack on Titan” and “Fairy Tail”.
  • Integration: Seamless experience if you’re also watching anime on their platform.


  • The free version comes with ads, and full access requires a premium subscription.

Shonen Jump App

Overview: Operated by VIZ Media, the Shonen Jump app offers a substantial selection of manga titles, famous for serializing stories like “Naruto” and “Dragon Ball.”


  • Weekly Updates: Follow chapters as they release in Japan.
  • Massive Archive: Access to older chapters and series.
  • Affordable: Offers a very cheap subscription for unlimited reading.


  • While it’s free to download and offers some content at no cost, full access requires a minimal monthly subscription.

Manga Plus by Shueisha

Overview: Manga Plus is the official manga reader from the publisher Shueisha, known for publishing the “Weekly Shonen Jump” magazine, featuring hits like “One Piece” and “My Hero Academia.”


  • Free Access: Most new chapters are free to read the moment they’re published.
  • Global Availability: Accessible in every country outside of Japan, China, and South Korea.
  • Supports Creators: Reading here directly supports the creators.


  • Only the first and last few chapters are available for free; middle chapters require purchase.


Overview: Webtoons provides a platform not only for traditional manga but also for a variety of webcomics authored by artists from around the world.


  • Diverse Content: Includes both manhwa (Korean comics) and original webcomics.
  • Creator-Friendly: Empowers creators through a profit-sharing model.
  • Interactive Features: Allows readers to comment and interact with the story.


  • The format is slightly different from traditional manga, which might not appeal to all manga readers.


Overview: Tachiyomi is an open-source Android app that offers a customizable reading experience. It’s highly regarded in the manga community due to its versatility and range of features.


  • Extensive Customization: Readers can change almost every aspect of their reading experience.
  • Various Sources: Ability to add multiple libraries and sources.
  • Ad-Free: No ads since it’s open-source and community-driven.


  • Available only for Android users.
  • Requires a bit of technical knowledge to set up and customize.


All of these apps are especially liked by manga lovers for their features and are characterized by their benefits. Whether you want to get immediate access to all new stories, use the entire assortment, or set your own style when reading, you can probably find an app that is best suited to your wishes and preferences. It is also worth remembering that despite the attractiveness of the availability of all content at no charge, it is essential to use the official resources so that the creators count enough.

User Interface and Experience

Having an excellent user interface is essential for readers as it ensures that they can quickly go through their manga without any difficulty. Shonen Jump and Webtoons have easy-to-use interfaces that are excellent for beginners. However, Tachiyomi may be relatively hard to use since it is highly customizable, meaning that readers have many unique options for their apps.

Library Size and Diversity

A good manga app should have a broad spectrum of genres that will meet the diverse needs of VALENTINA. This means that the most suitable for the case would be Crunchyroll Manga and Manga Plus. These two apps have some titles from various genres.

Update Frequency of Manga Series

Regular updates are important for readers who follow ongoing manga series. Apps like Shonen Jump and Manga Plus offer new chapters simultaneously with their release in Japan, making them great options for avid manga readers who want to stay up-to-date.

Community and Social Features

Some people may have contributed some of the content found in these apps. This is why they are allowed to comment and give their opinions on the same. For webtoons, contributors can comment.

Compatibility with Different Devices

The two most common software, Android and IOS, are supported in all these platforms. Open-source Tachiyomi is specifically designed for Android but allows multiple extensions making it an excellent fit.

Ads and Premium Options

The advertisement might be disappointing, especially for premium users, to experience the ads.

FAQs about Free Manga Apps


FAQ Response
What are the best free manga apps available today? Some of the top free manga apps include Crunchyroll Manga, Shonen Jump, Manga Plus by Shueisha, Webtoons, and Tachiyomi. Each offers unique features like simultaneous releases with Japan, extensive libraries, and community interaction.
How do free manga apps sustain themselves economically? Free manga apps typically sustain themselves through ads, in-app purchases, and premium subscription models that offer additional features such as an ad-free experience or access to exclusive content.
Can I read manga offline using these apps? Yes, several apps like Webtoons and Tachiyomi offer offline reading capabilities. This feature allows you to download manga chapters to your device and read them without an internet connection.
Are there any free manga apps without ads? Tachiyomi is a notable free manga app that does not feature ads, due to its open-source nature. However, most other free apps will have ads as part of their revenue model.
What is the difference between legal and pirated manga apps? Legal manga apps have official licenses to distribute content and share revenue with creators, contributing to the manga industry’s growth. Pirated apps distribute content without permission, providing no revenue to creators or publishers.
How often are new chapters updated in free manga apps? The update frequency varies by app but platforms like Shonen Jump and Manga Plus typically update their chapters simultaneously with their release in Japan, providing very timely updates for users.


The right manga app can significantly enhance your reading experience, providing access to a wide array of titles at no cost. By choosing a legally compliant app, readers can enjoy their favorite manga while supporting the creators who make it all possible.