MacBook Pro 2024 Review: specs, price, features

Apple is one of the companies that have always been interested in manufacturing high-quality electronic devices, it continues to release MacBook laptops for a long time, and most of all Apple devices, MacBook has many great features that make it unique over other laptop devices.

Apple always keeping improve its performance with every next device, with the new generation of MacBook we have a new design with an amazing screen and advanced specifications.

If you are a fan of MacBook laptops and want to keep informed about what’s new, we would like to tell you that we have done a full review of the new MacBook Pro 2024, which we will show you in this article.


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MacBook Pro 2024 Specifications:


the first thing we will start with is the specs of this device. the coolest thing about the new MacBook Pro 2024 is the battery life which has been significantly improved, thanks to the new upgraded M2 processor. MacBook Pro 2024 has a new spread design you can see it with the touch keyboard and the thin edges, also has a high-quality screen in terms of colors with an advanced webcam 2K quality making your video calls more professional. The new proc M2 is faster in processing information, it has shown its power in every testis (playing high games, processing to mush order at the same time, opening more than 100 tabs without getting any slowed or stop…), also the new generation proc in this device has a double number of the nucleus than the previous version (4-cores) which make more strong.

One of the other benefits I have noticed in the New MacBook Pro 2024 is the quality of the speaker that has been improved the voice became much higher, and also a new widget in the system that can assist you process orders.

Now with the design, you can see that there is nothing important, the speaker is still on the side of the keyboard the camera was set above in the front of the screen, except for the ports including two thunderbolt ports and a MagSafe connector with one headphone jack and 4 USB ports.


Device MacBook Pro 2024
operating system macOS Ventura.
processor M2 Pro chip (12 CPU) cores.
RAM support up to 64GB.
storage 1TB SSD.
Display 14 & 16-inch 8K Up to 120hz.
Camera 2K face time QHD camera.
connectivity Wi-Fi 7, Bluetooth 6.
Weight 4.3 pounds (2kg).
Battery 70Whr (18 hours average use test).


MacBook Pro 2024 price:


  you can see the price of the new MacBook Pro 2024 in the list below:  

MacBook Pro 2024 M2 price in USA price in India price in Dubai
14-inch, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD 1,299$ 105000₹ 4800AED
14-inch, 16GB RAM, 515GB SSD 1,499$ 120000₹ 5500AED
14-inch, 32GB RAM, 2TB SSD 2,499$ 20000₹ 9200AED
16-inch, 16GB RAM, 515GB SSD 1,999$ 160000₹ 750AED
16-inch, 32GB RAM, 2TB SSD 3,499$ 280000₹ 13000AED