Apple MacBook Air M2 (2024) review

Apple has promised that a new MacBook Air is coming in 2024, this laptop has many new features that will impress the users and get them excited to buy it.

Apple put a lot of work to produce this new laptop which is coming with great looking shape and really strong performance, the 15-inch screen size is considered to be more attractive and gives a unique high-quality view which makes it more capable of many jobs.

The new MacBook Air M2 2024 combines smoothness, strength, and stylish design. it’s one of the best laptop choices that you can have this year. After testing this device it did not disappoint us we found it qualified for every side. The battery was able to hold up impressively, the system was very fast even after even after running many highly require software programs, the weight also is too light around 2.5 pounds with thin edges.


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MacBook Air M2 2024 Specs:



MacBook Air M2 2024

operating system macOS Ventura.
processor M2 Pro chip (16 CPU) cores.
RAM support up to 64GB.
storage  Up to 1TB SSD.
Display 15-inch 8K Up to 120hz.
Camera 2K face time QHD camera.
connectivity Wi-Fi 7, Bluetooth 6.
Weight 2.5 pounds (1.1kg).
Battery 70Whr (18 hours average use test).


MacBook Air M2 2024 Design

MacBook Air M2 2024 Design


The MacBook Air M2 comes with an incredible design from every part; it looks more professional and is easy to carry with you. This version is lighter and thinner than the previous generations and it’s available in many attractive colors.

The display covers around 97.3 percent of the whole screen with the camera in the middle upper hand as always, this laptop has made of high-quality aluminum with anti-dirt layers and cuts to help save it from getting damaged it has factored to be shockproof.

When you hold the laptop in your hand you will notice a cool balance of durability and you can easily control it with only using one hand, the frame is so high as also the screen makes the laptop so slim.

The Apple logo was placed as always on the back of the screen side, but this time comes a little bigger. You can quickly go inside the device (hardware) by using the open signs. There are many color options that you can choose from, we have Starlight, Midnight, Space Grey, Silver, and finally black.


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MacBook Air M2 2024 Ports

MacBook Air M2 2024 Ports


Apple has put new types of ports in the MacBook Air M2 2024, you going to see a MicroSD port with 1 USB and FireWire with HDMI adapter on the left side of the device, on the other hand on the right side there is another 3USB port with the headphone input.

The ports were arranged in a professional way to help users noting confused, they also have a new design feature which is a close sensitive magnet that works to attract the cable entrances to make the connection a lot easier.

All the Ports were designed to be more responsive, also you can control the primary inputs with the new Apple ports software program.


MacBook Air M2 2024 Audio Display


The quality of the display was so perfect especially when we talk about the 8k screen with the rate of 120Hz, it gives a great experience and is considered to be over-capable in many uses like watching videos, editing, Gaming, and Calls…

The MacBook Air M2 2024 screen support over 800nits, I was impressed by the quality and clear details that show in pictures, you don’t need to worry about using the laptop in bright places because this display offers great lighting also there is also the eye comfortable feature that you can enable any time you want.

This screen is considered to be similar to the Pro version in terms of performance, but it’s 15-inch so it’s a little different in size it also supports a high number of colors which is supposed to be over 1 billion according to an Apple report.


The speaker has placed upper the keyboard as usual in the other models, it also offers a great listening experience high sound power with the ability to decrease up to with  25 degrees, the high-resolution audio is more than 44kHz rate with around 16 bits, so if you like loud and high quality sounds this one of your best choices in laptops.


MacBook Air M2 2024 Keyboard and Touchpad

MacBook Air M2 2023 Keyboard and Touchpad


The MacBook Air M2 2024 has a responsive keyboard with high smoothness in control, while I’m using it I notice that it does not make a clicking sound, and the quality of the buttons also feels great. In my expert, since I was able to write around 100 words in minute notes (this record varies for each one and their skills in writing) so you easily get used to it, besides there is Touch-Bar that contains many additions and it will help in shortcuts.

The Touchpad in this laptop is also great, it comes with high touch- sensitivity, so, fast, and also with an anti-liquid layer to avoid mistakes when your hands are sweaty, there is also a quick Touch-ID feature which you can use to lock the system of the device the zoom was worked so perfectly as well.


MacBook Air M2 2024 Webcam

MacBook Air M2 2024 Webcam


The camera in the MacBook Air 2024 does great especially ally with the 2k QHD camera that ga great selfie picture turns in different moods. about the video call, it provides a nice experience and also a good microphone.

this brilliant camera has great detail-tails and has a lot of additional ions setting that automatically match the environment mood with the shooting situation, after our experience with this webcam we can say that tell did the Job.


MacBook Air M2 2024 Battery


The MacBook Air M2 2024 has a powerful battery, with a capacity of around 1000mAh to stay with you for up to 20h of video playback and browsing and more than 8h of using high-performance programs.

This laptop support fast charging up to 70Whr that can full the battery from 0 to 60% in less 30than  minutes notes

This battery was made of lithium with security layers to avoid damage and for the safety of the user, thanks to the M2 chip processor slices which are designed to save the battery power and gives the best performance also, In the box the laptop comes Dual USB-C power adapter that allowed you to plug it in with another device and charge them at the same time.



MacBook Air M2 2024 Performance

MacBook Air M2 2024 Performance


After testing the MacBook Air M2 2024 I can say that it did not disappoint me, in, a fact I found the performance of this laptop more than enough for many different uses, I used to use it for high 3D Photoshop programs that worked without any lag, also I was able to manage more than 60-70 windows in google chrome browser.

though I’m using this laptop for so many apps it did not overheat heat but I noticed that performance start to get low which is standard with hard pressure soon, because of its lightweight and slim design it was easy to carry when I’m going to work or study, the battery was also very helpful so I didn’t have to charge it even when I’m using it the whole journey.

In some tests, we compared the MacBook Air M2 2024 and Lenovo ThinkPad X12 which has an i7 12th processor these two devices are at the same close price, and we notice that the Mac takes less time to turn on and off than the ThinkPad, As for opening programs both of the devices has been achieved the same record approximately.


MacBook Air M2 2024 price:


MacBook Air M2 2024 price in the USA price in India price in Dubai
13-inch, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD 1,099$ 88000₹ 4040AED
13-inch, 16GB RAM, 515GB SSD 1,399$ 120000₹ 5000AED
15-inch, 32GB RAM, 2TB SSD 2,499$ 20000₹ 9200AED
15-inch, 16GB RAM, 515GB SSD 1,999$ 160000₹ 7500AED