The 7 Best Microwaves of 2024

The microwave is one of the most important devices a homemaker is keen on. It is easy to use, and it can heat and prepare food in a short period, but when you think about buying a new microwave, it must first be based on several considerations, the most important factors that you need to consider before buying a new microwave are:- the capacity and the size of the microwave so that you can provide the appropriate space that you need, and determine the gallons capacity according to how many members and also, The more power the microwave has, the more it can heat, and the faster it can heat and cook food.

So if you looking to change your old microwave or buy a new one, to help you with that, we’ve made a list of The 7 Best Microwaves of 2024 that can fit your needs and budget.

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1. Toshiba mv-am20t(bk): The best brand for microwave

The best brand for microwave

The Toshiba MV-AM20T(BK) microwave, a combination of elegant design and practical functionality, brings style and comfort to every kitchen. Thanks to 12 automatic programs and 5 power levels, it does the cooking and warm-up with ease, while the scratch-resistant enamel interior allows a fast and uncomplicated cleaning process.

Whether it’s a student flat, family kitchen, or office kitchen – with its versatile functions and compact design, it’s the perfect companion for everyday life. Compared to the competition, it not only impresses with its modern matt black finish and infinity display but also with the hidden handle, which enables seamless integration into any kitchen environment. With the Toshiba MV-AM20T(BK) microwave, you choose a product that is convincing both in its quality and its ease of use.

2. Sharp R843INW: Best microwave model

Best microwave model

Grillmaster: Baking up to 230 degrees with top and bottom heat meets good operating comfort. Our test winner Sharp R843INW prepared all our test dishes almost perfectly. No matter whether food such as roast chicken, rolls, or rice – with top and bottom heat, almost everything works in this microwave.

Thanks to the supplied coated metal turntable, fried food from the bottom is beautifully cross. Only when warming soup could the microwave of Sharp not stand out very positively, here it showed that it does not warm the food very evenly. The bottom line is that it’s still the best microwave for most of us.

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3. Caso IMCG25: The best mid-sized microwave

The best mid sized microwave in 2024

Powerful 25-litre machine with oven construction without turntable. The microwave Caso IMCG25 is even better, but it is considerably more expensive than our test winner. The powerful body certainly does not fit in every kitchen, but it is the most solid product in the test. It is more like a microwave oven than a microwave oven with a grill and hot air function.

However, baked goods and food can only be heated up to 200 degrees – our test winner is at the advantage. For this purpose, the Caso microwave dispenses with the turntable structure: The underheat is radiated from a ceramic plate.

The caso can serve baked bread perfectly – and this without having to turn it. In addition to our favorite, the Caso had the best baking result in the test. If you like the oven construction and do not necessarily need temperatures above 200 degrees, you should consider the additional investment of about 100 euros. Keep in mind, however, that the cooking area only holds 25 liters.

4. Bauknecht MW 59 MB: Best microwave for the money

Best microwave 2024 for the money

With a grill and hot air, it replaces the oven, however, you have to work on good barbecue results. The Bauknecht MW 59 MB microwave with grill and hot air function can replace the oven with rudimentary functions.

With the Crisp plate – with a little practice – good barbecue results can be achieved. The large display, which explains the car functions better (“Pizza baking” instead of “A12″) and gives instructions (e.g. “Please turn”), provides comfort.

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5. Severin MW 7763: Good and cheap microwave

Good and cheap microwave

With the insert metal rust, two layers are created for cooking, on the 35 x 35 cm ceramic plate fits more than on the usual rotary plates.

The Severin MW 7763 microwave cleans up with a glass turntable: it has a 35 x 35 cm ceramic plate, which is easy to care for. In addition, there is an inserted metal rust, so two layers are created for cooking. The bottom line is much more suitable than a classic microwave with a rotary plate.

6. Severin MW 7875: Best microwave oven

Best microwave oven

Juicy grilling and evenly warming up with simple rotary control. The Severin MW 7875 is a low-cost microwave with a barbecue function, easy operation, and no program snack.

The mechanical timer shows the completion with a bright “ping”, there are no annoying beeps. Severin has reduced everything here to the bare minimum. The grill function can be combined with the microwave, which in the test yielded pale to golden brown, but very juicy chicken. However, grilled or baked goods must be turned over as there is no air circulation.

7. Toshiba MW2-MM20PF: Best over-the-range microwave

Best over the range microwave

The MW2-MM20PF from Toshiba is a solo microwave. Unlike many other devices on the current market, it only has the classic microwave function and saves itself an additional grill and/or hot air function. Even when installed in the kitchen, it relies on convention, so it can be set up freely and not installed.

The average output is 800 W or less. The control works in an established way: there are classic 5 power levels and a time selector with weight markers. Probably just the right thing for you, if you are bothered by overrunning functions such as preconfigured programs.