The Best budget graphics cards 2024: cheap GPU 2024

If you play video games, choosing the right graphic card that feeds your budget might be challenging. There are many graphics card models from different brands that are currently available in the markets, so it may be a little hard to choose the one that will work for you at a good cost. To help pick the right choice, we’ve done some research and reviewed many items to provide you with a list of The best budget graphic cards in 2024, considering many factors such as memory space, processing ability, Hardware design, and prices.


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1. AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT

The best budget graphics card 2024


The best budget graphics card 2024.


The reference RX 6700 XT comes pretty sharp, it’s not identical to the rest of the Big Nvi lineup, but it has similar styling to make customers know they’re related, it is a little lightweight from the RX 6800 version, even though it’s rated for just 20 watts more power. It also has far fewer gigs of DDR6 memory that AMD confirmed is running at the same speed but in the real test constrained to a 192-bit bus instead of a 256-bit one.

After many tests, we can say that the RX 6700 XT provides the same high performance as the NIVIDIA RTX 3060 Ti, it is worth mentioning that lower-end CPUs like the Ryzen 5 from the 1st gen performed better with the Radeon CPUs than NIVIDIA’s do.

The RX 6700 XT is getting slaughtered in a blender, PutgetBench doesn’t make any worth improvement also, it’s placing below the many tests, and the cost of the performance imbalance is the power consumption that requires a lot of power. However, this graphic card is decent and will perform very well with the heaviest games if you keep playing at an average frame.



CORES  3584
Base Clock  1320 MHz
TDP  170 W
Price  329$



2. NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX 3060 – budget GPU 2024

NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX 3060 - budget GPU 2024

The GEFORCE RTX 3060 NVIDIA premium mid-range graphic card, is the one that’s designed to be the top SteamCharts for the popular gaming card in the world, The old version of the NVIDIA GTX 1060 is been around 6 years now, and it is the same while since anything even come close to the level of bang for the buck that this card provides.

The card comes with the price of 329$which does make sense next to the GX 1060 which has been released for 299$, unlike the RTX 3060 Ti, the RTX 3060 comes with about 50% more GDDR6 memory, but it’s constrained to a slower 192-bit bus also, the clocked CUDA Cores they’ve been cut to just 3-quarters of its TI sibling. However the other modules this card gets the latest Ampere features like Ray Tracing, HDMI 2.1 for up to 4K, and 120Hz displays NVIDIA broadcast with Turing NVENC which gives a great streaming experience.



CORES 2560
Base Clock 2321 MHz
TDP  230 W
Price 470$


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3. AMD RX 7900XT

Best graphics cards for PC gaming 2024


Best graphics cards for PC gaming 2024.


One of the most anticipated launches of this year is the AMD RX 7900XT, and it’s because of how things going now in the market lately, also it provides very high standards compared to other brands’ performance.

The basic level specs are probably gonna be your choice if you have a limited budget, the 7900XT comes with 24GB of memory storage which is GDDR6 is considered to be the standard, and it works fantastic for high-resolution gaming, even though there are not any official tests yet of 8K running because the 4K is not a big experience anymore.

This graphic card is a 5nm compute diet, so it is a fleshed-out 5nm process. However, the chipset design is 6nm now, which gives you 61 TFLOPS of computing 61 plus there are about 58 billion transistors and 300mm square gcd. All these great new Gen standards are putting this card at the Top of the graphic card that has been released this year at a very good price.



CORES  5376
Base Clock  1500 MHz
TDP  300 W
Price  899$


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4. Intel Arc A770 –  the best cheap GPU 2024

Intel Arc A770 -  the best cheap GPU 2024


The most interesting graphics card that we’ve waited for it to come is the Arc A770 from Intel, which does not usually produce gaming graphic cards, it is only known in the CPUs industry, but recently I think it is going to be a strong competition to other brands. This card is the Alchemist code name, 1st generation Arc flagship, the A770, it supports the RGB and, comes with a creative solution to wall mount the card which is to use completely separate bases with the power switch in a different spot, it is great engineering.

The ARC lineup is divided up into 3, 5, and 7 series products just like you would see on their desktop CPUs, So we can say that this A770 is the top performer of their series, it uses their DG2-512 processor clocked at 2.1Hz of speed which means it has 32 of intel the Xe cores and also, 32 ray-tracing units.



CORES  4096
Base Clock  2100 MHz
TDP  225 W
Price  329$



5. AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT

Best budget Graphic card 2024


Best budget Graphic card 2024.

The Radeon RX 6600XT is the lowest price graphic card in the current AMD series and, it’s meant to target the 1080p gaming crowd above anything else like the real specs you get a knobby 23 core with 2048 stream processors and a higher set of clocks than the 6700 XT models, it also focus is on efficiency and high frequencies. However, it does get cut in a big way in 2 areas which are the memory capacity that goes to 8GB of GDDR6 and the memory interface that return to 128 bit.

One of the important that is worth mentioning is a reference design, it actually looks perfect for small form factor systems, but most will end up viewing it as the XFX MERC 306 black version card, yet it still has a quite fine looking with total stealth design and it’s fed by single 8-pin power connector, so it can work with the old systems without any issues.



CORES  2048
Base Clock  2589 MHz
TDP  160 W
Price  400$


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6. NIVIDIA 9600 GT

Cheap graphics card under $50


Cheap graphics card under $50.

The 9600 GT used to be one of the most popular cards a few years ago, but even in 2023 it still gives a fine performance at a very cheap price which makes it a great choice, if you are looking to buy a card under 50 bucks.

The GEFORCE 9600 GT was first released in 2008 by NVIDIA, it supports a 650MHz core clock and the memory clock of 1800MHz. This card is my variant which comes with 512MBGDDR3 of video memory, back some cards come out with 1GB of VRAM but it seems to be more scarce than what this card offers. It requires a 6-pin power connector and can work with only a 400-watt power supply so most computer devices should be able to run this card. One of the most cons of this car that most users don’t like is that it lacks DirectX 11 support meaning it can only be played DirectX 10 games. However, if you have an old Gen computer and you would like to use it to play some old version games, It works pretty well for you, also it is the cheapest that you may ever find in the market right now.



Base Clock  1625 MHz
TDP  95 W
Price  49$