Best DS Emulator for Android in 2024

If you like playing video games, then Having a ds “Dual Screen” on your android device is one of the best things you can do. ds emulator becomes alternative choice for people who like playing PSP games, it offers you all the features that you need to live the same playing experience just on your phone. There is plenty of ds emulator that you can use easily on your games, but often we see many problems facing people with this kind of software app, so in order to help pick the lightest Android emulator we’ve reviewed and tested many of them and we’ve made a list that contains The Best DS Emulator for Android in 2024.


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1. DraStic DS Emulator:

DraStic DS Emulator - The best ds emulator for android 2024


The first emulator we have on the list is the DraStic DS emulator, this app costs around 5$, it is considered to be the best ds emulator designed for android until now, it has a small 13MB of size and it has over a million installs from the play store.

It is very easy to use and it has a lot of amazing options, it supports the 3DS graphics to 2 by 2 times to the original resolution, and you can control all the settings of the quality and customize the screen to work with every different mood game. On the control panel, you have many buttons that you can use in different moods, Xbox console, Play station, PSP…etc

While we tested it on so many games it actually works fine, we don’t notice any delay or lag opening games, it gives good performance and, it also supports the Bluetooth controller and allows you to save and resume your progress in the game.


2. DraStic:

DraStic - The best ds emulator for android 2024


DraStic is also one of our favorite android ds emulators, it is totally free and offers many additional options and amazing features, except that it shows ads while it’s running but it’s not something really annoying you can easily remove them whenever they appear However, this emulator mountains to give the be user’s experiences.

You can load new games and scours your phone to work with the best Android games, and it does automatically found the game folders even if it is installed on external storage. On the main screen, the virtual console is laid out in an easy manner that you consume when you like, the touch-pad works perfectly on the screen and there are many different defaults moods in the setting, and also you can connect with other devices via the Bluetooth or wifi, also there is a guide contact comes inside the app that you can read to help you on the instruction using.


3. RetroArch:

The best ds emulator for android of 2024


If you looking for a free ds emulator version to see if your Android device will work with ten ODS games, then definitely you need to check out the RetroArch which is also one of the best ds emulators for android of 2024, it can run different systems, not just the Nintendo DS, it allows you to configure many settings from the graphics fps, speed, customization…etc, however, it can be little hard to set up for some users for that you can watch some guide videos on youtube.

After we test this emulator on some high-performance games such as Pubg-mobile we found that it gives us a great experience, it is responsive, it supports online moods just fine and it has been designed also to save the battery life and remains efficient for your device stable.


4. Octopus Gamepad, Keymapper:

Octopus Gamepad, Keymapper - The best ds emulator for android 2024


Octopus Gamepad, Keymaper is an incredible emulator you can download and use for free with limited options, or you can pay for the pro upgrade to get access to all features.

Run your Games with many Gamepad supports options (Xbox, PS, IPEGA? GameSir, etc…) you have an option for the mouse and keyboard and you can also connect to your laptop and use this phone via this app as an input device.

This ds emulator supports almost all Mainstream Games, it offers basic and special modes, it allows you to put yourself in a fake location and create a new IP address inside the game, and you can customize the button Opacity and speed and many other additional settings from a simply designed panel.


5. PPSSPP – PSP emulator:

PPSSPP - PSP emulator - best ds emulator for android of 2024


PPSSPP in of the oldest emulator shown on android, it a has high rate score on google play and also has over a 100million download processes, with a PSP emulator you can play PSP games on your android device, at high definition with extras features and all that is totally free with this app.

This is actually the best PSP emulator I’ve ever tried, the last time I use it, it worked smoothly with mostly no issues, graphics, and controls are pretty awesome it does streamline the emulator experience with intuitive and simplistic UI, This app can run even the high require performance PSP games on your phone at the max speed and resolution settings. we will be considered generally the best free ds emulator for android 2024.