Best Apps to Read Books for Free 2024

Have you ever looked for apps to read books and couldn’t get them? Indeed, most of us like to read books in English novels for free. With digital development, I don’t have the time for people to read books on paper. As a result, users search for the Best Apps to Read Books for Free 2024 in a different language for Android and iPhone free of charge in order to raise their awareness and save time.

Since you are interested in reading digital books: In this post, we will provide you with the best apps to read books and novels and download them for Android and iPhone for free with a direct link. Apps provide millions of free and paid books. You can download books in pdf, EPub, or another form, whether your phone type is Android or iPhone.


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1. Amazon Kindle

Best app to read books for free in English 2023.

Amazon Kindle, one of the best digital book readers, is provided by Amazon, with more than 600,000 books in Arabic and English, and a user interface for easy and simple reading.

But the library you’re going to have, as soon as you download this fabulous app that’s professionally designed to make you feel like holding a paper book in your hand, listening to every letter in the book you’ve chosen with

high-quality audio, it’s not just an app, it’s a device you can buy so you have a unique experience of reading and listening to books on an electronic screen without having to carry a paper book.


2. LibriVox

Best audiobook apps


It’s not just a simple app, it’s a large library of books in at least 45,000 languages that you can think of, it’s 

also easy to download on your mobile phone and enjoy the many books inside of this great app that’s currently one of the most important audiobook apps.


3. Audible

Best free reading app 2023


Best free reading app 2024.


One of the most popular audiobook apps you can get on your mobile phone and experience a new reading world by listening together to the book you’re going to pick or your favorite novel any time, even while you sleep, you can hear books being told as stories to help you get a calm and restful sleep.


4. Alrawi

free apps to read books without paying


for lovers of hearing books without reading them. Narrator’s app is one of those special free apps to read books without paying, What’s different about this app than any other program is the catalog available for each book. In other words, you can move from one chapter to another chapter within the same book with a single click. You’ll be transmitted quickly through sound, facing no disruption, and enjoying a unique experience.


5. Kobo Books

Best app for digital books 2023


A huge library of digital books, featuring more than 5 million diverse books, including adventure books, self-development books, love books, arts, and other genres. You can access the app and find the book to read through the name or author, subject, and type. Keep in mind that this app includes only books in the following languages: English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, Italian, Dutch, Brazilian, and Japanese. I think it is a suitable book for anyone who wants to read foreign books.


6. Google Play Books


Google is offering this app for book reading, featuring a very large selection of digital books, you’ll find the most popular books on it, plus users can upload their own books to save you 100MB of storage space. The app doesn’t just read books, it also gives you sound books you can only hear.


7. Scribd

Best offline novel reading app 2023

One of the most popular offline novel reading apps that allow for various eBook and audiobook types, you can only listen to them without reading. Scribd is a huge digital library with more than 160,000 books. It allows free use for a trial period of one month, while a monthly app subscription keeps you up to date with books, magazines, and novels.


8. Goodreads


a social network of very large book lovers, including book reviews, discussion among readers, recommendations, and evaluations about books, so when you use this app you can easily choose what to read.


9. Jarir Reader

Best free books app for android in 2023

Best free books app for android in 2024.

A Reader app allows you to purchase various versions of books for your Grier Library and other best-publishing libraries. Keep in mind that the app doesn’t offer free books, but they’re all accessible and worth reading, as well as offering special reading features, such as uploading and reading while you’re not online, and you can customize reading, such as changing the font of the book, or the background color, adding notes and colors for words and page marks for ease of reference, and other easy-to-read features.


10. Aldiko

Best Free Book Reading Apps In 2023


An e-reading platform, which also allows you to view several options before purchasing an e-book, allowing you to choose the best price, is Android-compatible, the app also has a highly customizable reading interface that allows you to customize the e-book shelf according to your wishes. The brand offers a free and outstanding version of the app.


11. Apple Books

Best Free Book Reading Apps for iOS


Designed specifically for Apple devices, Apple Books has features to track completed books,  “reading” lists, audiobooks, and the option to join book clubs, since there is no regular subscription fee for the service, you pay for books when you want them, instead of paying weekly, monthly, or yearly fees. It also has a section devoted to private performances and free books.


12. Overdrive

Best free reading apps for students 2023

Best free reading apps for students 2024.

Overdrive is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is a reader app that allows users to borrow e-books, audiobooks, and videos streaming from their local library (school/university/work). It has the ability to recommend addresses, as well as automatically schedule returns, if registered in a local library, it allows users to access thousands of library resources free of charge.

The brand also released a sister app, Libby, which is a newer version of Overdrive. It doesn’t have all of Overdrive’s features yet, but it’s a faster and more appealing digital browsing experience.


13. Prolific Works

Best free book reading apps 2023


Another source that helps highlight rising authors, Prolific Works is compatible with both Android and iOs devices. While offering a free book through their app, they also offer a range of subscription offerings to authors, such as Basic, Pro, and Plus.


14. ReadEra


ReadEra is a reading app available exclusively to Android users, free of charge, with minimal advertisements, and able to read both PDF and EPUB, with thousands of books, the app is also a public document reader and is compatible with formats such as PDF, EPUB, and Microsoft Word.


15. Nook

Top Free eBook Apps 2023


Available on both Android and Apple devices. This reading app features such features as Specialized Reading Recommendations, millions of e-books and top-selling digital magazines, and the B&N Readouts feature, which allows users to browse through chapters and articles from hundreds of top new titles for free.


16. Lithium EPUB reader

Best free books app for android in 2023


Best free books app for android in 2024.

Lithium is a free read app, which comes with an option to upgrade to a premium version, allowing users to write notes, highlight sections, and tag pages on any address they’ve searched, available only on Android.


17. ComiXology

Free Apps to Read Books in 2023

In ComiXology, readers can buy and access hundreds of comics from Kindle, as well as hundreds of graphic and manga novels.


18. Wattpad

Best Free Book Reading Apps In 2023

Best Free Book Reading Apps In 2024.


Wattpad is a large interactive community, with large numbers of writers, readers, and critics. It is a platform to enhance writers’ abilities, and we criticize their work positively; So if you’re a beginner, you can post your book on the site for free; to be read by thousands of readers and critics, and to be evaluated and criticized. At the same time, you can get a huge number of free ebooks which you can read – in many disciplines and categories like; Romantic books, mystery, fiction, science fiction, and comedy.


19. Free books

Best apps for reading books for free


Free Books is one of the most important free ebook downloads and reading apps in the Apple Store; It contains more than 51,000 fully free e-books for reading and downloading, in art and history, philosophy and literature, economics, management, and entrepreneurship, addition to well-known classical books and novels.


20. Free eBooks

Best apps for reading books for free in 2023


The free ebook is a network connection to some of the best and most important websites for downloading free eBooks and preparing them for reading through a smartphone. The user can explore thousands of free e-books in different disciplines, as well as countless novels, stories, comic books, and reports from around the world. The app includes more than 1.8 million free e-books and has a huge network of users of up to one million.