Best News Apps in 2024

Nowadays news is an important thing to follow as there is always new stuff going around in different fields around the world. These days you can find any type of news on different social media platforms such as websites, podcasts, TV, radio, and, other options…

However, in this guide, we will be focusing on app sources, there a plenty of news apps available for free or paid but, it may be hard to find a reliable one that keeps you informed at times with your interested subjects.

In this guide, we’ve collected a short list of the Best News Apps in 2024 that will absolutely meet your needs.

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1. Feedly

The most up to date news app

The most up to date news app.

The app is extremely popular stands on the throne of news-summary apps, and can be downloaded to both Android and iOS systems.

Feedly offers excellent service and is easy to use. After you register, you can choose a general topic (such as political news, technology, design, startups, and more) with an “add content” button, after which the app shows you a range of resources related to the type of content you choose, making it like a magazine with your favorite sources.

After you create your magazine, you can navigate between different news by dragging the screen up or down, as well as save news and articles for later reading even without the Internet.

2. Flipboard

The best and honest news app

The best and honest news app.

If we say that with Feedly we can see what a magazine looks like, the Flipboard app is focused on creating a completely real magazine, where its creators tried to design it in a way that resembles the design of traditional magazines, and this can be observed once the app was first used, thus combining process with beautiful design.

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3. News 360

News app has no ads

News app has no ads.

The design of this app is somehow similar to that of Flipboard, but it only captures the news and the title when it is shown, unlike Flipboard, which offers a short summary of the news, and then the entire story can be read by simply clicking on the news image.

The way the news is moved from the screen to the left and right, not up and down, as in previous applications. Beyond design, News 360 is focused on the person’s preferences, which it draws from the social media sites where it is recorded.

4. Digg

Reliable news app

Reliable news app.

Digg is not as popular as the previous two applications; With loads and poor ratings, it’s one of the most important news-processing apps, providing a beautiful experience that combines simple design and ease of use. Its homepage shows the most important news stories and global articles in circulation today, with algorithms that look for the latest and most important articles of interest, plus Digg can be fully customized by choosing preferred news sources.

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5. Newsblur

Best news app 2024 free

Best news app 2024 free.

Newsblur is a traditional app that can be used on both operating systems (Android or iOS) and is ‘trained’ by liking or disliking different stories and news, helping the app display stories corresponding to one’s future choices.

The app offers 64 sites for free, and the service can be developed by paying ($24 per year) which provides additional features.

6. Google News

Best news app 2024 for Android and iOS

Best news app 2024 for Android and iOS.

The app Google News allows you to find your favorite news sites, you can check the weather daily, and you can also use Google Voice Search or Google Assistant.

You can save news or upload specific posts for later reading, adjust settings to receive weather and news every morning, or see the latest changes in the stock market and business world.