Best Android launchers in 2024

So you get bored with your phone, download the best Launcher, and change the shape of your Android phone, since the Android OS allows customization, the most important feature that differentiates it from other operating systems is its flexibility to personalize, either partially or completely. On the other hand, Android smartphones can radically change their overall design with the help of the running apps, where you can customize the device to whatever you like, whether it’s by adjusting the size of the icon, hiding the stickers, changing the navigation mechanism, or even changing the code of the app itself, we have a list of the best Android launchers in 2024 that you can use for free.

Along the same lines, there’s no doubt that the Google Play Store offers hundreds of these apps, but most of them aren’t good and contain a lot of annoying ads, so if you’re looking for a powerful launcher with amazing features, you’ve come to the right place, where in this post we’re showing you 10 launcher apps that don’t come with any ads at all, download them and change the shape of your phone to a new, trendy style, and change the great labels and mixtures in high resolution, let’s just mention this launcher apps in general.

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1. Modern Theme Launcher

Modern Theme Launcher

This Android launcher allows you to change the look of your phone to a modern, staggering design, splitting the most used apps like the phone number list and camera into a single section, while others are alphabetically arranged so they’re easy to get and open quickly, and displays the clock and the weather on the interface stylishly and distinctively, you have all the attributes for free.

You can change your attributes according to your mood, and we’ve selected it first in our Best Launcher for Android list. It has nearly 200 backgrounds, designed with a lot of passion and experience. This one has 53 fantastic attributes, and frankly, it’s very beautiful, the only drawback of this launcher is advertising but still the ads are considered to be not annoying.

Download Modern Theme Launcher: Play Store

2. Evie Launcher

Evie Launcher - Android launcher

This launcher is completely different from the previous one, and of course, it’s very cool and powerful, it can’t be considered as such, as it was developed by Microsoft itself.

In general, we can say that this launcher is the first competitor to the Nova Launcher Prime, in addition to basic features such as code size, app network, concealment, etc. This launcher contains an extended app try and the ability to change the type of notice badge from points to numbers.

It’s the follow-on function on your PC that makes this launcher curious. You can use this capability to share links to your Windows PC without using other third-party software.

Download Evie Launcher: Play Store

3. Microsoft Launcher: Fastest launcher

Microsoft Launcher: Fastest launcher

This launcher is very different from the previous one, and of course, it’s very cool and powerful, how it’s not and it is developed by Microsoft itself, we can call this the number one competitor to the other paid and definitive publisher “NOVA launcher PRIME,” and along with basic features like the size and the network of apps and their concealment, etc., this launcher can expand the app drawer while supporting the change of the notification label as points Or numbers.

Another advantage that makes it one of the best Android launchers is the personalized feed on the left side of the screen, where you get a bunch of things like apps, tasks, notes, news, and the clock, and the other thing is the Google-like image recognition technology, where you can use the camera in the search bar to find information about the content.

And finally, what makes this launcher interesting is the Follow on PC feature, where with this feature you can share links to the PC running Windows 10 without any third-party app.

Download Microsoft Launcher: Play Store

4. Nova Launcher: Most Advanced launcher

Nova Launcher: Most Advanced launcher

The most popular Android launcher of all time, Nova Launcher is the best feature-rich Android 2024 launcher, and most importantly, it follows the features of major and new Android versions and integrates them into the launcher for use by all Android users, regardless of their OS version.

However, as we mentioned, Nova launcher free version only provides some benefits, such as basic customization and other features but if you want to access premium-wide features you will still have to go for the paid version.

Download Nova Launcher: Play Store

5. Lawnchair Launcher

Nova Launcher - best Android pixel launcher

If you want the “best Android pixel launcher” with lots of cost-free customization options, Lawnchair Launcher is the option for you.

It is only 3MB in size but offers a lot, including Google Now support and shortcuts and notification style, as well as changing codes and even changing text color, not only that but also an open-source project, which has its benefits to allows developers to make it more suitable.

Download Nova Launcher: Play Store

6. Action Launcher: The lightest launcher

Action Launcher: The lightest launcher

Similar to Nova Launcher, Action Launcher is the most powerful for the Android system, it has some basic features such as unread badges and hidden apps limited to the main version, and fortunately you can get some interesting features in the free version of Action Launcher, including some gestures and the ability to add app shortcuts to the search box along with the features of the usual posts, also get a cover feature where you can hide an entire folder as one app.

Download Action Launcher: Play Store

7. Smart Launcher 6

Smart Launcher 6 - Best Android launcher

One of the most popular Android launcher apps comes with an easy-to-use interface and various other features, including customization of the phone’s home screen, apps, and settings.

Easy to use, a clean, organized user interface Smart Launcher 6 provides wide customization and flexibility. Users can change backgrounds, zoom in or out icons, and adjust interface colors, allowing them to configure the phone in a way that suits their needs.

Download Smart Launcher 6: Play Store

8. Jarvis Scifi: Epic Launcher

Jarvis Scifi: Epic Launcher

Jarvis Scifi Android launcher features a future-to-date interface. Launcher features an innovative design and a variety of features, including customization of your phone’s home screen, apps, and settings. It offers a variety of features that allow you to customize your user interface. You can resize icons, lines, and colors, add new items to your home screen, and many more.

Download Jarvis Scifi: Epic Launcher: Play Store

9. ARC Launcher

ARC Launcher - Android launcher

This app is very different from any Android launcher on this list because this launcher has a lot of visual effects and 3D (three-dimensional) designs that make the phone more attractive and add more glamor to the shape of the phone.

Don’t worry all these great features don’t consume much battery. Despite all this, the number of downloads of this app has reached over 1 million .. and the number is good for an app that was published in recent years.

Download ARC Launcher: Play Store

10. CMM Launcher

CMM Launcher - Android launcher

CMM Launcher claims to boost phone performance by 20% by automatically closing background apps, as this launcher allows you to categorize and sort apps by name and installation date. The size of the symbols in the CMM launcher is relatively large compared to the normal size, but you can customize it through the app settings. It also has a built-in browser called ZEN, in which you can browse all sites very quickly without the need for external browsing apps.

Through this launcher, you can subscribe to global news sites and receive all news without having to log in to the site. And you can also automatically change the background.

Download CMM Launcher: Play Store